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Coming Soon …

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I’ve discovered GRACE as a real mindset yet a hidden energizing FORCE behind all we do, over a lifetime of research on our brains and spirits. Problems such as fear and panic can keep us in a state of constant crisis. We block our souls from loving relationship to God…. Read more »

Where Lies Grace for Healing Our Suffering World?

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Looking for tangible grace that heals a suffering situation? Wonder why some walk away from churches, yet crave loving kindness? Beyond healing personal trauma, a grace mindset equips us to help heal a broken and suffering world! Opening pages of new book read to show the healing potential of a… Read more »

In support of teen growth ‘n grip!

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Looking to keep up with the kind of teen changes that turns gripes into grit for thriving in tough times? What if we begin to interact with teens and narrow the gap between generations by helping them to speak up and feel heard. In so doing we’ll spot changes in… Read more »

Grace for Blessing Not Blame

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A grace mindset results in daily practices based on unmerited favor to make choices filled with confidence, inner kindness and genuine grit. We grow resilient to create possibilities when confronted with snags and problems. How so? Divine grace. or favor, is God’s inner gift of perfect, eternal, agape love that… Read more »

Reviews for New Growth Mindset Book

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Being talented and successful doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly; it means believing that your intelligence and personality have the ability to change and grow! THE TEENS’ GROWTH MINDSET WORKBOOK inspires that belief with interactive exercises and bite-sized advice written for all who hope for growth in any area. Learn to feel confident, bounce back from tough breaks, and take on new adventures with a growth mindset.

Play and Enjoy Growth Mindset Golf for Sheer Delight!

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Thoreau may have best described golf when he said: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Growth Mindset golf would add, Discover inner strength with every shot that improves your game, fulfills your potential to play well, and ensures fun! We can discover our golf genius with… Read more »

When Deeply Disappointed We …

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You may think it takes a densely packed skull full of brains to live well on the other side of disappointment. Not so. It takes choices that literally change the chemicals in our brains! When we recognize emotional cues such as disappointment, and when emotionally healthy and rested, we can… Read more »

Stop Skyrocketing Teen Suicides!

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Many of us know depression while far fewer foster delight! I’ve struggled with anxiety and battled discouragement as  far back as teenage years when my mom died in her 30’s and I found myself at 14, suddenly out on the street. Alone, without a penny I struggled against everyday stressors… Read more »

Resilience for Teens to Reflect and Create

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Teens tell us this pandemic leaves them behind and they crave practical support to improve their lives! It’s tantamount to Tolkien’s Frodo saying, “I wish it need not have happened in my time.”  Gandalf answers as adults might address anxious teens, “So do I, and so do all who live… Read more »