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Play with mind-guided ideas for new advances (Post 3 of 3)

Most would agree that our organizational needs have changed so that past practices may not work so well for future progress. In order to expand an organizational culture it’s time to shift our tutoring approaches to reflect more balanced and reciprocal coaching. Mind-guiding, detailed in Wiley Publisher’s new international handbook… Read more »

Observe Brain Changes in Action (Post 2 of 3)

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We now know the brain changes itself when we act on the changes we seek! Apply that concept to new Rotary memberships in any club and you’ll observe all the brainpower and new neural discoveries needed to increase membership well suited for new era service. To test this hypothesis we… Read more »

Why Make Music?

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If you have ever jacked up productivity or changed your mood with a favorite band as background rhythms, you already know the power of music to increase brainpower? And are you also aware that rhythm amps up retention and overall cognition when we simply use music to improve focus. Survey musical… Read more »

Keep Going or Draw the Drapes?

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                                       Why keep going into our 70s and 80s? We’re told that seniors stagnate with stress that comes from problems such as passivity, and lack of purpose. But what if retirement symbolized renewal? Back when I wrote curriculum, led brain conferences, and supported organizational change, I fought against pigeonholes women… Read more »

Simply Do It!

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When it’s brain based it’s evident in our actions that chemical and electrical circuitry work in our favor and benefit those around us. Good ideas may get crushed by bullies, cynics or naysayers, but brain based actions open us to benefits from new insights. What we do literally alters the… Read more »

Integrate for Growth

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Does your organization mix it up more to open access into shared values across a wider reach? Integration is as natural to our brains as books to learning. It’s also essential for practices that jumpstart our brains and foster productivity. It takes diversity to activate integration skills across an organization…. Read more »

Honor Worth Living

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When I think of honor in action today, I think of Malala Yousafzai, who refused to be silenced by a Taliban bullet to the head. In spite of threats to her life, Malala advocated girls’ education and became the youngest Nobel Peace prize winner. While we may not change the… Read more »

Questions for Revenge or Reconciliation

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Ask reflective questions and we increase the brain’s plasticity or its ability to change and improve itself. Ask questions people love to answer and reconciliation becomes a likely outcome. The opposite is also true. Ask vengeful questions and we alter the brain’s plasticity or its ability to change and avenge… Read more »

Minds in Search of Truth

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 Truth and leadership were still alive and well at our interactive newcomer Rotary meeting on Oct 10th,  at the U of A Faculty Club. So was democracy as person after person shared the meaning of truth in their lived experiences. It takes tons of planning and deliberate focus on… Read more »

Do Women and Men Lead Change Differently?

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Some say that men’s logic rivals women’s emotion, when it comes to leading change, problem-solving or coping with stress. Others say that successful men and women use both logic and emotion – but they use it differently to lead change and cope with stress. What do you say? Interestingly,  hilarious… Read more »