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#25 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

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  25. Imagine We-They  Circles Female and male brains differ biologically and intellectually in ways that few optimize. Cultural preferences differ and you can capitalize of people’s unique strengths. Change filters to write from new views. Change filters to insert new view. Write from different filters, from another person’s vantage… Read more »

#11 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

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11. Awaken Both Sides Bring both sides to life – with brainpower tools to disagree.  Brain waves spark both deep reflections and peak performances on opposite sides of topics, based on how you activate them. Research both sides of your essay topic, and then show why and how some readers… Read more »

#10 of 25 Writer Brain Boosters

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10. Disagree by Building Goodwill – Write in tone that allows you to express alternatives with respect. Learn from views on another side. Imagine many readers agreeing with one side because you agree well. Then see readers learning from your  no-side  – because you defend opposite views with similar solid… Read more »

Compelling Counterpoints or Gridlocks

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Yesterday a retired teacher told me how he loved teaching history – especially lessons on the civil war and Gettysburg Battles. Now that he’s retired, Jake shared he enjoyed reenacting history scenes in popular historic parks – where people enjoy revisiting the triumphs of war.

My immediate thought was, “Why have we taught war, but omitted the wonders of robust peace plans?”

Learn More with Neural Tools!

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Change Filters – Insert New View

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This article is not about how you create these filters, nor is not about how personal filters are impacted by your gene pool. Those facts discussed in the book Making Change Easy.

This post invites you to grow new filters that will improve your choices, by consciously looking at your day through another’s perspective.

Differences – Dividends or Divisions?

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Unsuccessful mergers follow when leaders miss key differences among people – unique traits that people possess which could add high dividends to any combined effort. When leaders ignore cultural differences they do so at their own peril. To benefit from mergers is to mine people’s proclivities for peak performances from many angles.