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Mend Minds of Teens and Boost Trail Blazers

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Inaccurate assumptions about the human brain often lead to harmful outcomes that block our incentives to tackle challenges and grow grit for innovative adventures that improve life for ourselves and those around us. While it’s true that the same boiling water that softens a potato also hardens an egg, it’s… Read more »

Why Mindset Matters in Healthy Cultures

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Before we see how mindset matters we may first want to see how a low EQ fails to grow a healthy culture. Toxic cultures exist in college classes, average work places, and dysfunctional living arrangements and any setting where collective EQ remains low. Here criticism scores higher than support and… Read more »

Grace to Flourish & Thrive?

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I really don’t think we fully embrace the joys of grace until we stop thinking of it as a theory and start living it as an active energy that grows EQ and builds healthy cultures, where all beliefs, customs and habits find acceptance. Whenever we propose and chase a possibility,… Read more »

Crave Kinder Gentler Spaces?

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What is this grace that adds wings to our dreams and feet to our realities? We look online for friendship only to find fury and frustration. We isolate from loved ones and sadly often suffer alone. We feel caught up in a chaotic work world that demands more and satisfies… Read more »