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Differences – Dividends or Divisions?

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Unsuccessful mergers follow when leaders miss key differences among people – unique traits that people possess which could add high dividends to any combined effort. When leaders ignore cultural differences they do so at their own peril. To benefit from mergers is to mine people’s proclivities for peak performances from many angles.

Expect Vision to Fuse Racial Differences

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Progressive leaders see life-changing possibilities in challenges, and ask ethically powered questions to learn from those who differ, as President Obama did over beer to resolve racial misunderstandings. It works because diversity infuses colors, textures, depth, and angles into successful visions, that less effective directions lack. Not rhetoric fueled by… Read more »

Beat Intimidation with Creative Vision

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Whenever you cotton onto the notion that people or problems diminish you, that self-critique begins to bury your brain’s tools for excellence. In contrast, your brain holds hidden reflection equipment to build visions that develop confidence and take risks to achieve mind-bending results. Yes, regardless of other’s impressions of your… Read more »

Judge me … Judge me not …

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Have you ever felt judged harshly or have you seen a friend or family member bowed down by blame? Or have you made an effort to see past a person’s weaker traits and offer kindness simply for who they are? Some say hate and division exchanged daily by leaders ramp… Read more »

Social networks – Roundtable 57

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Social networking reshapes our brains in several significant ways. It’s not only because we may get hacked online one day or helped on another. Social media changes how we live and influences how we interact. Researchers suggest that social media can harm our brains, and few would disagree. Either way,… Read more »

Novelty for discovery – Roundtable 47

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Our brain leaps to discovery when we embrace novelty as a way to improve a situation, solve a problem or create an innovation. It could be as simple as serving others in a way that benefits all. And it often involves looking at toxins, blocks or barricades, and then replacing… Read more »

Lead change past sexism – Roundtable 38

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When I think of growing gender equity, I think of Brene Brown’s caution that: “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” To let go and act authentically is also to embrace equity among all humans.” If… Read more »

Diversity and brainpower – Roundtable 33

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To build a diverse community is to experience its propensity for wellbeing and prosperity. Why do leaders settle for compromise rather than lead for growth? Recently we watched national leaders lose what could have been a life-changing opportunity for world class growth. Sadly, they settled for gridlock with compromise at… Read more »

Creativity risk or regret – Roundtable 31

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If we agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity gets clobbered at school and work, we’ll likely also agree it takes risks to ignite and infuse a more creative future. It also takes a very different kind of support and intelligence-fair performance reviews for facultyas well as tests for students,… Read more »