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Retire into Loneliness or Liveliness

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Seniors who suffer from feeling alone, felt especially isolated during the COVID pandemic. Have you felt isolated or do you know retirees alone and without support as they leave their careers? Broken relationships, conflicts with peers, or disappointed expectations can exacerbate the alienation we suffer when a career no longer… Read more »

Expect Kinder Retirement Possibilities

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Start any morning with a kind anticipation for the day and we are more likely to live more retirement rewards held in trust for those with matching expectations. Time is one key into setting and reaching kinder expectations, while side-stepping setbacks. Time can work for or against us, unless we… Read more »

Valentine Revolution?

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What if Valentine’s Day brought a sturdier and more sustainable love to all of us? Imagine a world where wars paused to make room for genuine care and kindness expressed in social justice, for instance. We could start a Valentine revolution, that shifts our focus from sneers to smiles. Imagine… Read more »