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Plastic brain – Roundtable 4

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If our brains are plastic we’re happier, more productive and fun to be around! The opposite of a plastic brain is a rigid, opinionated, or stuck-in-a-rut brain. Specific words and actions we choose will decides which one (plastic or problematic) gets shaped, rooted and operational in our brains. Plasticity is… Read more »

Content in a storm – Roundtable 3

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When was your last memory of sheer fun experienced in a way that upgraded life, and fit that place where flaws and failures meet love’s most compassionate support? Is your mental warehouse stockpiled for today’s inevitable storms? If these questions find you curious for newly discovered mental and spiritual tools… Read more »

Reversing racism- Roundtable 2

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What would it look like to lead benefits for all on the other side of racism, greed, bullying, or petty power grabs? Imagine if we refocused attention to resolving parts of history that thrust us into circles of blame, and bad behavior. See how our brain relentlessly stores in our… Read more »

What do you believe? Roundtable 1

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Our mindset or beliefs change what we do in any moment and determine our options to succeed going forward. A mindset is fluid, not fixed and so we can grow new or adjusted beliefs that better fit goals we set in any day. For this reason, the connection between belief… Read more »