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Namungos Predict Our Success!

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Our brains hold remarkable tools to ensure we enjoy life to the fullest, in spite of traps that trip or snares that slow us down! Six often hidden and unused mental tools below will show new neural discoveries, represented in animated characters. They’re called namungos and each namungo video below… Read more »

Assessments Can Stunt Growth

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The most important part of learning is not to be successful but to learn how to get up, go on, and grow again when we are not successful. Assessments can work for or against a learner’s chances to grow and find genuine success. How so? Show enthusiasm by naming and… Read more »

How Many Literacies to Engage?

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We all come equipped with multiple literacies of which we use very few as learners. Take your brain back to the last lecture or meeting you endured, and you’ll likely agree with research that shows how lectures work against human brains.  It’s the same for meetings where few people talk… Read more »

Brain Based Leadership beyond Trudeau, Wilson, Raybould Referendum

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What if brain based leadership offered tools to restore Canada’s future prosperity? When dangerous cortisol chemicals seep into our communications, suddenly good alternatives disappear because our brains become part of killer cortisol surges. Thanks to new neural research, we see cortisol’s toxic stress chemicals as civil-war triggers.  Luckily our brains… Read more »