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100 Brain Based Tasks for All Stories

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Looking for dozens of interactive tasks to use with any story or novel? Fishbowl games, newspaper ads, gender circles, dialogues, social media creations, ballads, interviews to authors, post-it-notes and dozens more tasks for individual and team interactions. Here are 100 brain based tasks that engage students’ multiple intelligences to involve… Read more »

Novel Teens Love + Multiple Intelligence Tasks!

Welcome to the “First Day of Class Blog Hop!” Check the end of this post to find other experts and to learn how you can receive 50 FREE task cards for this lesson on The Fault in Our Stars! The Fault in Our Stars – A Brain Based Lesson to… Read more »

Write to Add Feet to Beliefs

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What you believe, often creates a hairline opportunity for amazing creations. That’s what we teach here at the MITA International Brain Based Center anyway, and what I re-discovered in my own life last week. No question, it still takes courage and even risks a few mistakes to create the kind… Read more »