Change the Metaphor to Improve Learning – Speak Up and Feel Heard!

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Some ask why we fear teen’s insights? I ask, How can we  improve learning by changing the metaphor so all students and their teachers relate positively?  When kept silent – too many teens face boredom and frustrations that come from silent toxins. The opposite is also true.Students who speak up and feel heard do far better in every class!

That’s why I use speak up and feel heard forms to create a positive learning environment. One filled with hope and interactively communicated expectation!

So what metaphor would reach to the heart of curiosity, unleash teen capabilities, and roll out comprehension beyond class?

Capture1Here at the Mita International Brain Center, we use interactive communication in every class to develop tools and tactics for better brain based outcomes.

Not surprisingly – our ongoing interactions teach students and faculty to build a highly effective mental setting for all! How so?

1. Learners move from silent acceptance to see topics from different angles.

2. Teachers, parents, administers and students face challenges together to enter one door – of mutual support and care for one another.

3. A crown is held a few inches over each student’s head – as supporters wait patiently for that student to grow into it, based on open communication.

4. People speak up and feel heard in a possibility  tone of shared trust that impacts all concerned.

Once we change the classroom metaphor – to include more and freer student voices – we  also ramp up learning benefits for all concerned.

Would you agree that students who speak up and feel heard in a safe, and challenging community – also learn to speak up in ways that lead beyond their classes?

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