Allstate Roofer Brains for Better Business

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Problems today typically trigger denial from business owners and an increasing number of lawsuits from clients.

No wonder business grinds to a halt for so many upstarts – yet it doesn’t have to be that way. Just as I teach leadership MBA students, and as we see and experience excellence at Allstate Roofing and More – it’s clear how several parts of the brain drive successful skills at work.

Ever report a leak in a new roof, for instance? If so, imagine the roofer who takes full responsibility, offers a brilliant solution, and resolves your problem promptly as if you were a close friend or relative. Innovation at the peaks!  

I like to think that problems merely point to humans at work, yet few disagree that rare solutions from skilled leaders – open the door to genius possibilities. How so?

Recently, I encountered an unexpected leak after Allstate Roofing and More LLC installed a new roof. Too little prior insulation caused unexpected leaks after record ice build up this month. Allstate Roofers sent out a dream team to assess the ice damage, removed ice from the gutters, and then they increased insulation to prevent further leaks from springing.

They could have denied any problem, hid behind auto-phone-systems, or blamed somebody else. Have you seen it?

Instead, Allstate Roofers modeled especially well how brain chemicals, experiences, and genetics all play key roles in successful business choices. Did you know that brains grow and change daily – through simple choices we make at work.

Allstate Roofing and More illustrate six brain functions in choices they make for IQ that transforms barriers into benefits, and alters problems into possibilities.

Allstate Namungo image - JPEGDo any mental approaches above resemble brain based skills in your firm? At Allstate, problems seem to shine a light on their dream team skills that follow with unique integrity and resolutions! What choices will bring brilliance on-board where you work today?

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