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Sero - pen finalWhat you believe, often creates a hairline opportunity for amazing creations. That’s what we teach here at the MITA International Brain Based Center anyway, and what I re-discovered in my own life last week. No question, it still takes courage and even risks a few mistakes to create the kind of wonder worth chasing. I’m referring to innovation that inspires new life for you and stirs curiosity in people around you.  Yet I’ve just re-encountered how personal beliefs offer the best place to start.  If you’d like to reboot your own mental zip or add a dash more meaning to life, read on.

Only one pre-condition exists, as I see it.  Creativity takes a readiness to develop and use talents in wild and wonderful ways. Ready? Then start with one belief you’d like to see walk forward with two feet. How so?

Take One Problem, Then Toss in a Belief and Mix Up a Talent or Two

If you believe that your family can do better when disagreements touchdown, and if you hold even a microscopic hosting skill, invite them all to a party at your home. See how easy it is to take the risk? Even if two only come, you’ve already begun your creation.  Why not design cool place cards that name one strength to define each guest? A small gesture that transforms previously earned labels, such as Pinhead or Bag-o’-rocks-for-a-Brain , into honest-to-goodness tag-lines that encourage. See, you’re already out of the gates with breakneck speed. Now watch what a few hosting talents can do to mellow customary blows between Sadie and Salvador. Creations that bring most satisfaction tend to be designed to solve stubborn problems, with winning interventions.

Not sure of your talents or mental tools to create? Then why not survey your multiple intelligences and toss around a few hidden or unused abilities, as I did this week?  Let’s face it, if we wait for time to create – it’s about as likely to happen as a lightening strike to your over-stretched calendar. Simply start with a passionate belief, and creation follows as easily as waves follow tides.

Personal beliefs about people as currency, form the basis for a novel I wrote a few years ago, and recently dusted off to edit for publication. Not that stories should moralize. Just they opposite. The best yarns out there teach us all, just as they weave throughout imagination and our lives, in ways that expand  beliefs and offer hope for a better way. Many of you know my longtime passion for celebrating diversity and for learning from differences across genders, beliefs and cultures. After living in Baffin Island’s High Arctic communities for two years, as researcher and professor with McGill University, I wrote a novel to capture and learn from nuances and mysteries that permeate life on a frozen tundra.

Create the First Step to a Legacy You’d be Proud to Top Up Your Contribution to Life

My story’s about an Inuit teacher who rattles a white leader’s world, when foreign practices threaten to rob her son’s opportunity to learning about his Inuit legacy. It’s a natural place to create, because it links to my beliefs, and draws from a talent I hope to develop further.

Interested in my novel’s opening scene?

Outside the kitchen window, her team of huskies barely moved. Their heads tucked against the drive of the wind. Their tails turned and curled like snow that swirled and circled around frozen feet. She stood watching their nocturnal wakefulness, and cradled a warm cup of coffee in her hands. There was no denying, this was a winter of extremes, and Oonark detested the intellectual hardening of Arctic arteries all around her. She didn’t look forward to daily battles to coax her boys into another dark day at school. Neither did she want to arrive at her classroom early herself to prepare lessons, only to discover her own boys had slept in and missed school, again. With any glimpse of sunshine still months away, and their father out hunting on an outpost camp, today, November 1st, she’d celebrate her 40th birthday as just another day at school. She drew in a deep breath, turned their bedroom doorknob and called the boys’ names, fully expecting silence to invade her early morning plans.

Seek Support from Talented People You Respect in the Area of Your Project

Thanks to support from people like Robyn McMaster over at  Brain Based Biz and  Jeanne Dininni over at Writer’s Notes, I am fired to finish and edit  my novel soon.  Can’t wait to introduce my cool line-up of characters who really wrote their own adventures,  and then invited me along to enjoy the ride.  My chance to inspire others the way Inuit leaders challenged and motivated me. I’ve just found another supportive blog over at novelist Randy Ingermanson‘s Advanced Fiction Writing site.

What do you believe that could use feet from your gene pool, and life experiences? Take one step in that direction today and your brain’s zest for creativity will do the rest.

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16 thoughts on “Write to Add Feet to Beliefs

  1. Ruth

    Ah…I see that somethingblue over at hubpages jumped over here. I’m glad. Her writings remind me of what I’m reading here.

    I am like a sponge lately; I can’t get enough. Thank you for sharing the gold nuggets with the world.

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

  2. Daniel Williams

    I’m a graphic artist by trade and a fledgling writer that offers a unique view of the World. I had a spiritual awakening about seven years ago and a educational awakening about four years ago and am living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Recently graduated from College at age 48 and moved to a small town in the midwest to work, live and write . . . not particularly in that order.

    Joined Hub Pages about five months ago and have published 49 articles that have gotten about 10,000 readers. I write about subjects that most writers wouldn’t touch if you paid them and recently published an article called Grow Your Own Brain 101 in which one of your fans left your link on.

    Thought I would return the favor and leave a link to see if my writing os the kind of stuff your article is talking about, I do all the artwork and graphics myself.


    Best Regards

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  11. eweber Post author

    Wow, great experiment and thanks for the kind words and for the insight I got at your sight Sally. No wonder it was deep — you took time to reflect! Cool! It’s one of the 5 steps we teach in MITA and apply daily here too:-) May it circle back to enrigh you again today, Sally — cause you inspire us all!

  12. Sally Ferguson

    My problem is in taking on too many projects. I find myself going in so many different directions that it squelches any opportunity for creativity. I’m just in run mode instead of think mode. Last week I tried an experiment in my daytimer by listing each project and the amount of time I realistically wanted to spend on it that day. I’m still trying to fit that in!
    Thanks for coming over to visit my blog! Responses are there; and grandparenting is one of the best gifts you can give your family!

    Sally Fergusons last blog post..Getting my list ready

  13. eweber Post author

    Yes, I agree Sally, thanks for stopping by. I love the idea of accountability. Sometimes I find I bite off chunks a bit too large and then I lose my creativity as I wear out in the work. Better to arrange smaller bits and then set aside time daily it seems:-) Have you found that also?

  14. eweber Post author

    Wow — Thanks Jeanne, inspiration surely came back to me through your thoughtful words! Thanks! It was an amazing experience and, while I can get too busy to write — I am determined to complete this novel:-) Have a wonderful day and be good to you!

  15. Jeanne Dininni


    This is a wonderful, inspirational post! Your advice is bound to help many view their lives–and their potential–in new and exciting ways.

    Love the opening passage of your novel! It gives us a tantalizing glimpse of a world that we can sense ourselves being drawn into, irresistibly, by your easygoing prose, as we learn just enough about your main character’s concerns to make them feel almost as if they’re our own.


    P.S. Read your post earlier, but had so much going on that I wasn’t able to comment at the time.

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