You Cannot Learn to Create if …

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You cannot learn to create if you …

1. Say you can’t. The brain creates when you tell it to do something original.  Ford was right when he said: “If you say you can or you say you can’t you are right.”

2. Focus on perfect. A brain needs wiggle room to build stepping stones forward on mistakes. The Wright Brothers remind us that these steps may even become successful flights.

3. Whine over problems. To create is to look past a problem and see a possibility. It’s much the way Edison failed dozens of times and before the light bulb lit up his determination for possibilities.

4. Downplay your talents. Refuse to take a shot at things because others seem more talented or compare yourself to those who developed skills that wait in your garden to be picked.

5. Wait for resources. When mother Teresa taught one teacher at a time, under a tree, some people told her to use her time to organize big groups and rally for more support. She did not.

6. Blame others. The brain’s cortisol and stress chemicals for blame – differ from its well-being chemicals (such as serotonin and dopamine) needed to create, and imagine and wonder.

7. Refuse to risk. The brain increases dopamine needed to take risks and create – with each risk to create that one takes. Take no risks and dopamine takes no boost to help you.

8. Take yourself too seriously. Unless you can laugh at yourself – your brain remains unprepared to move you forward into original places that may get back a laugh (or even a sneer)  from others.

9. Cannot collaborate. None of us can possess multiple intelligences at their highest levels. We need to learn how to join forces with other creative people – for mutual benefits as we create with our strengths and theirs.

10. Lack ethics. Play against your moral compass and that moral compass will block you from the hot mental equipment you need to build trust with others in ways that prosper creativity.

What mental qualities fuel your best creations?

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