STOP Giving Before Holiday Stress …

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Have you seen stress flee when gifts come without expectations?

Imagine freedom and sheer festivity flying out of every parcel under your tree.

STOP - before you Give Stress

Relationships may have sunken from tone toxins since your last holiday celebration. Or perhaps gloom got highly contagious.  But have you considered how  gifts – can kill or kindle moods?

Given freely, gifts create serotonin strategies for festive memories that keep on giving

Sadly,  gift giving can also aggravate anxiety.

Harvard researchers show  stress as gaining ground for increasing numbers and depression increased dangerously over the past decade. Are mounting holiday expectations partly  to blame?

Gifts not wrapped in freedom can increase  cortisol chemicals’ effects that increase stress all around. On ordinary days we’re hit with about 22 stressors on any ordinary day, so how much more serotonin strategies should gifts pack into that holiday punch.

10 Pathways Away from Stress into Holiday Fun and Freedom:

  1. Laugh – yes, especially when the chips are down,  and you’ll build neuron pathways in directions away from stress.
  2. Golf as a way to relax in nature’s best– even as you capitalize on improving your swing with each new shot.
  3. Embrace a novel adventure, a playful distraction to rejuvenate your brain from ruts that imprison you in stress.
  4. Risk replacing one idol that holds you back – with an innovative alternative that could sprint you forward.
  5. Encourage another brainy bloke, rather than find flaws or name faults as stressed-out critics tend to nitpick.
  6. Recognize and flee from 10 tragic toxins in minds of bullies and cynics.
  7. Ask two-footed questions that shut off stressor spigots, and open your day into what if … possibilities.
  8. Act on even just one life-changing brainpowered dream. Then inspire others by using the tone to create across differences.
  9. Check out the wonders and woes of change – then flee from any fear that stunts new growth.
  10. Rewire your brain to act courageously by choosing ethics – even when good seems to lose against the odds.

How will your gifts stack up against stress that shrinks the brain, fosters unforgiveness, leads to dementia, or robs holiday opportunities? What do you plan to give those around you?

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