Is your IQ Stuck in Neutral?

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Choose it and Use it!

Choose it and Use it!

Intelligence could have been what Ford had in mind when he said:

If you say you can or say you can’t – it’s true.”  

See your IQ as fluid or fixed and it will become just that.  Daily choices literally fuel or fail your unique multiple intelligences. How so?

Choose to ramp up personal or social intelligences and you’ll use intuition to make decisions that advance your opportunities. Opt for common sense and you’ll use keen insights to share opportunities with friends. The opposite is also true, when you choose discontentment in your own company. Or when you laugh at others yet take yourself too seriously.  It starts with a choice for a heaping dose of personal fun that only adds to a more clever you. Just as Ford implied – the brain comes equipped to grow IQ  for those who choose it and then use it…

Even words spoken or music chosen can shape your day to sink or swim. Want words to come easier and meanings to yield more wealth? Then play with words, do crosswords, compete in scrabble, debate, or offer to speak at a local club. Search for new ideas on the internet, write a blog, or tell your best idea in 140 letters, as a driver to boost your linguistic brainpower. Similarly, music choices can move your muse or tank your talents.  Play Bach or Handel in the background during your next creative project, for example, and watch that moods improve, while stress flees. And there’s more.

What about those who choose to move more? Would you like to dance, better? Want to move with coordinated grace? Then choose to shuffle and stretch so that kinesthetic intelligence kicks in with greater ease.  Do it to grow it regardless of skills lacking or other limitations that hold those “fixed” folks back. Start with a hike in a nearby park and you begin to toss naturalistic intelligence into the mental mix. Shoot photos, graph results to support your speech use your spatial intelligence and to develop more through use.

The choice to grow brainpower takes less effort than some folks realize. Simply start a schedule to plan your next week well, for instance, and you’re already stretching your logical-mathematical skills. Like other intelligences mathematical genius grows more through math or logical choices that start with baby steps and lift off to new flights with use. Einstein put it this way: Education’s what remains after one’s forgotten everything learned in school. Do you agree?

Do my use-it-or-lose-it warnings seem overly simplistic? Why believe me though – why not see for yourself?  If you suspect you possess any mental traits discussed here, why not survey your intelligences –  and alter a few daily choices that grow a few new prospects the way Ford fueled his choices.

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