Power of a Brain on Play

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Most people would rather be anywhere but at work.  The US consistently falls behind other developed nations in innovative advances. Play is rarely an option for workplace progress.

See any relationship between these three realities?

Or have you considered the power of a brain on play?

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We put in more hours with more demands and accept more stressors, in ways that limit or flat out halt productivity.  We grind talent to a halt, learn to live with corruption in our leaders, and often lack skills to move much of anything beyond gridlock or personal gains.

I like to think of play as a castle

Each tower represents talent, potential and capabilities. When they sit empty your abilities idle. The opposite is also true.

Recently I spent one week with my grandchildren and had the honor of training my toddler grandson. He and I used play to capture the basics of potty training, tackle a few adventures together, and risk trusting a fun-filled approach to get past earlier efforts that stalled.

We won hands down against the stressors that held my little guy back – all through play that jumpstarts his brain for benefits he can’t resist. Have you seen it happen?

Play alters the makeup and operation of the human brain

It also increases chemicals that reduce stress and enhance your shot at a one-of-a-kind innovative outcome.

Do you benefit from any of these mental upshots of play where you work?

1, Play opens doors to exit boredom and enter learning adventures. Ready to leapfrog over stress that defaults your brain back to boring or mundane routines? Find a fun approach to ramp up your next workplace practice.

2. Play nurtures curiosity and fuels well being for innovation results. Einstein rode the curve of the arc in his imagination and it led him to the theory of relativity. Simply follow an idea with a sense of wonder and your brain will do the rest.

3. Play favors risk chemicals and moves you to sidestep ruts and explore new possibilities. One small step in the direction of new adventures and your brain will trigger dopamine to help you take finer risks to win more at work.

It’s based on the-brain-at-play-principle –

“If you want brilliance in creative answers take time to play with complex concepts.”

Play packs a punch to boost brainpower

Simply stated, it brings together diverse parts of a wider view to make sense of steps forward. Fun and adventure helps you apply intelligent concepts to concoct cool new designs.

What could you play your way to lead and learn effectively at work today?

See further examples of a brain on play at work –  http://goo.gl/3eT2Kw

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