Mutual Mentoring – Where all Lead and All Learn

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41. 10 Step Mentoring for Leaders and Learners - coverImagine mentor tasks where all learn, all teach and all lead. It’s called mindguiding – and it uses new neuro discoveries.

Mentors learn to lead – by working with their brain’s amazing equipment to learn, grow and collaborate with another person in symbiotic activities.

In contrast to traditional mentors who mostly teach,  mindguides work together in a vibrant set of tasks that help them to learn, lead and inspire change mutually – as they grow personally.

Participants complete  brain based tasks that move them from stuck to unstuck with each challenges they tackle. They start by addressing a key problem or an issue to mentor together.

Each step completed together can empower both mentor and mentee to use unique strengths in order to learn and lead interactively.

Mentors can create and distribute an online survey, to gather others’ views on key topics.

When mentors engage facts about their brains that will also ramp up problem-solving approaches.

For instance, They’ll enjoy music’s power to rock creativity, and cultivate tone skills to engage voices on several sides of their issue. Perhaps most significantly they learn more about themselves, and discover ways to value strengths of their mutual mentor.

Why not revolutionize your mentorship program in step-by-step tasks that garner mentor-mentee interests and abilitie?

Mindguiding benefits participants who work together with others in any learn-lead capacity.

Download here a complete 10 Step Mutual Mentoring Program to help your mentors and mentees to learn and lead interactively.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset