5 Whole Brain Tactics to Win Buy-in

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5 Whole Brain Tactics to Win for Yahoo

Behind every problem there is a new possibility for change and a finer future. Take Yahoo.  Their latest profit tank – opens the door for whole brain solutions that win.

 5 whole brain tactics to swing Yahoo back to the peaks!

1. Go after buy-in – Call people together and revolutionize your next meeting with what if… questions. Perhaps people will suggest brilliant ideas such as come in to work part of the week and work at home the other part. Then check the bottom line increases to measure progress.

2. Ask for solutions from different people.  Counterpoints often hold the gems that create richer shared points. The opposite of gridlock and compromise is enthusiasm from asking diverse participants for their wisdom.

3. Reduce anxiety. Create stress free zones, such as nurseries, exercise rooms, popular games in the lunchroom. Or set up web site where people can share innovative ideas. Access talent across departments to gain innovative results with mutual dividends.

4. Mutually mentor people. Novel ideas often hide in unused corners. Few may disagree that a shift is needed, yet mindguided tactics can roll out designs that work for all.

5. Change filters for winning benefits. We make change easier when we facilitate people to change their filters for another view.

Would you agree that Yahoo can still adopt whole brain practices for its next big comeback?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset