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My popular Mita Whole  Brain Game ( in Jeopardy interactive style) offers original yet fun ways to increase everyday brainpower.

The whole brain game comes highly tested after 25 years working together with learners and leaders who want better returns for their time and talent.

This  Mita Whole Brain Game includes 7 original categories and teams get 2 minutes to confer on answers. Use interactively at any organization or ratchet up interest in secondary and college classes.

How it Works

A simple click takes you from money or points selected by the team to their related questions.  The Mita Whole Brain Game points range from 100-600 point values – depending on difficulty of questions.

Click on answer link after team responds – and you will see each correct answer displayed. If you wish to discuss any answer  further – simply click on the castle and further research and points on this answer will appear.

Then return to main game page by clicking again on the blue icon (on bottom left of each page).

Click on the blue brain-synapse icon in lower left corner anytime you wish to zap back to your main game page for the next team selection.

One cool feature in this game is the teaching opportunity tool. After category is chosen and answer is given, you may wish to teach more meaningful uses of the brain fact represented. Further facts appear for each answer – with a simple click of your  mouse on the castle icon that delivers further facts for leading and learning with this new brain discovery.  After considering any further facts to clarify – re-click on the blue icon in lower left corner to return to the main game page.

The game challenges learners and leaders to think and to ratchet up their own brainpower – as the questions increase in difficulty and as they increases their team’s points.

Categories Include:

1. Intelligence –  How many and what can they do?

2. Whole Brain Tools – What life-changing opportunities can these bring?

3. Brain Facts – Which new discoveries open wonderful new possibilities?

4. Brain Chemicals- How can you control what fuels your brain?

5. 2-footed Questions – Why will these engage others’ interests more?

6. Change – What improvements could you lead profitably?

7. Applied – How can new neuro discoveries create a far finer future?

Who Will Enjoy?

These doable and innovative brain facts will fit perfectly within any group interested in getting more from innovative brainpower.

Use with adults  interested in transforming daily problems into possibilities through wonderfully trans-formative approaches. Use with teens who look forward to participating in new era innovations.

Enjoy dozens of whole brain ways to benefit from hidden or unused capabilities  you already possess – all through the fun and interactions of a game you’ll love!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset