Add Care to Character

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Caring character comes through two-footed questions that jump start both sides of the brain.

What if the popular 20Q (game show)converted into steps for a new culture of character that includes caring?

Building care into Character

Two-footed questions improve the odds for building good character in schools, colleges and workplaces, in several ways. The two feet simply add action to asking, and include reflections on both sides of the brain for life-changing solutions.

Questioners arrive at the best answers by doing whatever it takes to help people move from traditional limitations into possibilities for finer characters in a new era.

Rather than blame others for violence, and unethical practices,  notice that all questions below involve questioners in finding character-building solutions:

1. What sinks trust and what builds trust for you?

2. How could civil discourse help you disagree well?

3. How does your brain boost character IQ?

4. How do you support socially fair settings upheld by Martin Luther King?

5. How does your brain grow ethical neuron pathways?

6. When would you choose integrity as opposed to greed?

7. What exactly does integrity look like in your world? 

8.  How does money impact your character?

9. How would you design a robust peace plan? 

10. What would your best friend say shows no respect?

11. What does diversity add to your character?

12. What can you do to build team support?

13. How would you use the word harmony to teach doable ethics?

14. How do your beliefs determine your character?

15. How could your sport build better character?

16. In your view, at what point do ethics stop?

17. Why do some brains wire more ethically?

18. What musical genres strengthen character most?

19. What would you advise to prevent digital conflicts?

20. How can social media support character development?

What question would you ask to add care to character for a new culture that prospers?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset