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Check out game-changer tools for teachers, parents, leaders and teens!

Enter the new era, with tools that build relevant skills suitable for high-performance minds!

Learn More with Neuro Tools!

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Learn for the new era, with tools that build relevant skills for high-performance minds!

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Learn and Teach New Ways to:

  1. 20 Questions to Raise Character IQ

  2. Marks of a Stress-Free Learning Zone

  3. Disagree Without Bullying – Tone Tools to Differ

  4. Question with Two Feet for Successful Teams

  5. Listen with your Brain for Aha Discoveries! 

  6. Reboot your Brain

  7. Use Multiple Intelligence Tools for Authentic Takeaways

  8. Improve Water Quality in Your Area

  9. Launch a Whole Brain Learning Community

  10. Create a Book for Younger Readers

  11. Do Natural Drugs for Learning Happiness and Wellbeing

  12. Awaken Your Multiple Intelligences

  13. Get More from Meetings

  14. Boost Brains in Your Class and Beyond

  15. Serve with the Brain in Mind

  16. Take Talent Inventory to Identify Strengths

  17. Exchange Myths for Mental Makeovers

  18. Question with Two Feet for Successful Teams

  19. Check your Senses – Healthy or Harmful?

How can you and young adults  discover your genius to learn and lead in a new era?