Plan for Brainpower Boom

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Life-changing answers will come more from progressive innovators,  than from leaders who languish in stress and former failures.

Have you seen it too?

A brainpower boom is on the horizon for a rejuvenated global economy,  and it’s already touching daily lives. Will you be on board with the best brains out there to help usher in mind-bending solutions?

It’s not about liberals or conservatives, but it’s more about tired systems or emerging minds. Innovators who’ve discovered the power of the human brain,  replace crisis with creativity and they’re inventing a better way. Have you noticed?

What tired system could  your strengths reboot into a  brainpower boom and more progressive future? It’s merely a matter of planning for creativity and avoiding stress that relies on habits and holds you in ruts. What do you think?

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  13. rummuser

    I stand corrected. Under these and similar circumstances, certainly, the choice of “better” would be appropriate. My suggestion was under conditions needing innovation. Innovation by definition would be constant marginal improvements. I now see that if we have to improve, it is indeed for the better!

    I give a link here for a very interesting article from the NYT. I would appreciate your take on it.

    rummusers last blog post..Maintaining A Library.

  14. eweber Post author

    You make a good point Rummy, for the process that works well to ensure success in business. Thanks for helping us to think!

    Let me explain the use of better here – as used in this context.

    Tired broken systems – look to a better way.
    Health care that fails many cries out for better plans.
    Unethical corporations cause many to seek better opportunities.
    Schools that fail good learners with outmoded practices cry out for better approaches.

    In each of my 4 case I am speaking of far more that “different” and am pleading for the urgency of better.

    Perhaps I hadn’t laid it out as well as I might have:-) Does that explain the better parts I am advocating with a shout out here?

    As for different from — it is a great post in itself and is not lessor than ot better than – we’d all agree here at the MITA Brain Based Center where we tout differences daily:-). Thoughts?

  15. rummuser

    Having spent a life time in business, and having seen a lot of start ups, I have found one common thing that may be applicable as a universal truth as far as innovation is concerned.

    All creative activity, including start up businesses, start with invention, proceed to production and innovation. The innovation process starts with feed back mechanisms kicking in, in all systems and processes. The failures usually result from inadequate or lack of innovation.

    I would however hesitate to use the word ‘better’ in the context that you have. I would prefer ‘different’.

    rummusers last blog post..India Launches Unmanned Orbiter to Moon