Hood Anatomy of Trusted Contractor

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Hood Anatomy of Trust

Andy, my neighbor and friend told me Hood Contracting was tops, so I ordered a significant chunk of work to be completed last week. What innovation!

By the time Hood contracting team left, I’d spotted the remarkable traits below.

You’ll likely agree – all show qualities customers crave, few deliver, and new brain realities champion as essential in this new era:

Hood Game-Changers

1, Offer Reasonable Rates. Bill stopped by after an initial phone call to assess the materials needed and estimate the work required. We set a date to begin the work three months later. No prices were offered on the spot, but a carefully laid out email followed – as promised – within a few days. Reasonable rates were set, and then followed to the dime, a trait that distinguishes Hood.

2. Optimize Resources.  Bill and Jason, his skilled assistant, rummaged up extra trim and paint from my garage, rather than buy everything new. Bill also tried to re-use an original door-knob to lower costs, and keep keys current. With amazing attention to details, Hood contractors balance between profit-making and customer-care. This approach to managing resources results in brilliant work at affordable prices.

3. Inspire Collaboration. From his initial visionary planning suggestions, Bill offers ideas and asks for input. In some cases I opted for more expensive parts such as doors with more modern screen attachments. In other cases, I opted for less costly materials, inside the garage, where the boards are functional rather than decorative. In neither case did Bill push his opinions, but he suggested ways to save money on at least four instances during the day.

4. Project Vision. As Bill updated four areas of my home, we discussed a future project to  construct a cabana on my back patio. It became obvious that Bill leaps to novel challenges.  Vision led him to diversify his many talents to meet changing markets. In fact there are no construction jobs considered off-limited to Hood Contractors. Perhaps that’s why I saw visionary workers embrace quality skills that will sustain future benefits.

5. Build Trust. Those who believe poll reports that trust is most craved yet most missing at work, can spot Bill’s reliability in several ways. He gives more than required in established contracts. Hood contractors leave visible excellence at every angle of their work. They clean meticulously along the way,  offers accurate time frames and agree upon prices which don’t change mid-way.

No wonder Hood Contractors see no need to advertise, yet require booking far in advance. To their brand, “You Need it Done – We’ve Got it Covered,”  I’d add, “More for Less!”

Hood caught the highest wave of our new era.  By leading a symphony of new neuro discoveries for quality, Bill Hood models brainpower ready to face challenges with game-changing solutions.

Like Wegmans in my area, Hood Contracting off-sets financial downturns by contrasting these with service fit for royalty at prices affordable in recession. Along with other grateful customers – I’ll be back – but the Hood experience left me curious …!

What qualities do you look for in a trusted contractor?

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