Rewrite News – One Creation at a Time

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As I ponder today’s news, disturbing headlines point to loss,  doom and hopelessness, that work against human brainpower to restore and grow. Have you noticed growing negativity here?

Amazing answers exist when we look to life-changing powers of creativity.

Check out Charles Leadbetter‘s response in this YouTube.  Can you see why many  still hold out hope for growth and change to transform increasingly negative news headlines like today’s:

1. The New York TimesMarket for Day Laborers Sours with the Economy.”

2. The Globe and MailTaliban Took Hostages, Killed 30: Officials.”

3. Belfast TelegraphPupils in Limbo after School Row.”

4. The IndependentFive Million People Face Starvation in Troubled Zimbabwe.”

5. The Wall Street JournalAmid Pressing Problems, Threat of Deflection Looms.”

Mind-bending opposites to each newscast failure

can be found in Leadbetter’s insights for innovation

and in your contribution to launch the same.

What  innovative possibilities for change could catch your effort and talent in the coming week?

9 thoughts on “Rewrite News – One Creation at a Time

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  4. rummuser

    Do you believe in serendipity? I do. I suddenly got a mail from a friend recommending that I need to read a fascinating book. I went on the net to find this.

    I have ordered for this too!

    The hook that I need to use to grab these old friends of mine, old means really old in age as well as friends of mine from way back when, is to get them to understand that they need not be BMWs! A new terminology that I picked up from another blogger, an acronym for Bitching, Moaning and Whining. They can be happy or at least understand that they are not really unhappy! I think that understanding NOT BEING UNHAPPY is the hook that will work.

    The problem for one of them, the guy who really drags the group down often, is that he is in retirement and imagines that he is running out of money. He has had three bi-pass surgeries and is diabetic. If I can get him to change his attitude, 80% of my battle will be won.

    I am optimistic.

  5. eweber Post author

    Oh what a great opportunity to engage others in a topic that could segue them into new adventures, Rummy. Unless one’s one brain limits you — you are rarely limited at all:-)

    What tactics will enable you to hook participants, and draw them into the topic in ways that show them a fit from your session to their unique lives?

  6. rummuser

    Ellen, for inspiration, I am studying “Happier” by Tal Ben-Shahar. In fact, it is my talking about this book that landed me in the predicament. He advocates Positive Psychology and teaches it at Harvard.

    It is however an amazing book and I am learning a lot and many of my experiences are now beginning to make sense to me.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am now reasonably confident of carrying the day.

    rummusers last blog post..Is This Good Journalism?

  7. eweber Post author

    Rummy, what a wonderful topic and I cannot think of anybody who could do it better. It ts really tied up in serotonin and dopamine levels also – as well as learned behavior. Folks will love your talk – especially since you model it so well!

  8. rummuser

    I have been asked by a group of people to talk to them about, hold your breath, Happiness! Actually, they wanted an impromptu session earlier this evening, but I begged off, saying that I need to gather my thoughts.

    I am blessed with a cheerful and empathetic disposition. I did not have to do anything special to become so. My mother was like that and all four of us, her children are alike in that respect.

    This often results in people asking us about this. Most do not believe that we are just naturally so. This time around, I have decided to do some research and study and give a lecture on what is happiness, how it can be acquired and so on. The task is daunting but challenging perhaps is the right word.

    I believe that this will be the possible innovation that I could bring into some other lives, and may be enable me to understand how I am like that too.

    rummusers last blog post..Declare Emergency In India – II

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