Heroic Ethical Leaders!

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Have you ever lost something valuable?  You bounce between feelings of hope and helplessness – while clinging to trust that somebody out there will help.

You  imagine the worst, yet hope for any way to prevent disastrous consequences from your loss.

Jenn Davison returns lost cards to Ellen


Before I discovered my bank card and credit cards missing the other day, Jenn Davison and Danielle Ouillette made an amazing ethical choice that changed my entire summer. How so?

Early that evening I’d dropped three key cards alongside the Erie Canal. At 11:00 PM, Jenn contacted my home, after spotting the cards along a dark path. They looked up my phone number online from a restaurant – and risked a late night call to help a stranger.

In this case timing was everything, and ethics became a lifeline!

Jenn and Danielle’s ethical choice, their commitment to care, and their immediate action to contact me in spite of the late hour, offered me a miracle of a lifetime.

Their thoughtful and timely act allowed me to fly out to my family reunion in Iowa the following day. Without my vital cards I would have missed the last chance to see my grandchildren before their Christmas break.

The morning after they called, we met at Jenn’s favorite coffee spot, Basin Bean, close to where these thoughtful leaders rescued my lost cards. Basin Bean owner,  Dave Hillman, shared in our delight over all Jenn and Danielle had done to return critical cards before my flight to Iowa.

In contrast to daily corruption and personal greed reports we read about at all leadership levels,  we celebrate  deeply ethical choices of hero leaders like Jenn and Danielle. They inspire us all to serve one another in winning ways.

Perhaps that’s why any words of thanks here seem inadequate to share heartfelt appreciation for such lived mindfulness.

Over the next 10 days that I visited my small grandchildren, I shared with many others how this memorable trip would not have been possible without the brilliance of two remarkable women.  They remind us all that within ethics that acts with others’ wellbeing in mind – we all win.

Parents and grandparents – you  are especially fortunate if your children attend their classes or walk within their influence this term!

We should be especially grateful that life-changing leaders also teach and inspire others in our New York School System. Let’s develop programs for learners and leaders everywhere – based on miracles within ethical actions that change lives. Let’s  pay forward their  bold choice to care, and let’s celebrate two top leaders who model all that’s possible from  a brain on ethics.

Thanks Jen and Danielle – and may your offering to me be returned one hundredfold! You deserve the best!

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