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Leadership is changing fast and if ASTD is right in 2012 Leadership Handbook– a new kind of leader is already on the horizon! Could any of the new era leaders listed below help to usher in that finer future we all crave?

Dr. Jon Warner

Dr. Jon Warner at Leadership and Management posted 50 blogs listed below using the Alexa rank, a ranking raw score for web site popularity. Alexa measures how popular a site is (from 1 being Google, 2, Facebook and 3, YouTube, all the way down to the 40 millionth or so active site on the web as of July 2012).

Dr. Warner included names of the individual bloggers here, and a brief summary about the blog. Curious about leadership that ASTD suggests will be new and different in coming era, I posed  critical questions to learn new-Century skills from top leaders on Warner’s list below.

Hope you too will add a mind-bender of your own or help respond to one of mine.

# Top Leader Blogs
Alexa Rank (7/12/12) Questions to Lead Bloggers and to you!
1 Seth Godin
Author and speaker
6,432 What is the first critical step from new idea or creative insight that rolls into doable change?
2 Michael Hyatt
Author, consultant and speaker
17,699 What most hidden trait separates intentional leaders from those who struggle to support leadership talents?
3 Michael McKinney
Leadership Now
Author, consultant,
108,092 What first practical step moves a business into purposeful interactions across a wider community?
4 Wayne Dyer
Author and speaker
124,038 How does a person who faces much criticism or disadvantage find ways to better motivate themselves and others?
5 Dan Rockwell
Leadership Freak
Coach, trainer, mentor
130,241 How could we strengthen mentoring or coaching through better use of social media?
6 Daniel Pink
Author and speaker
151,190 What would motivate a struggling business to care more about  neuro-scientific/psychological underpinnings?
7 John Hunter
Curious Cat
220,500 How could we reconfigure broken systems in lingo that generates innovation and avoids jargon?
8 Mike Figliuolo
Thought Leaders
Consultant, coach,
231,029 How would you advise any organization to get the most out of  practical skill-building development at work?
9 Bob Burg
Author and speaker
255,798 In one motivational sentence how does one build better relationships by giving more in order to achieve more?
10 Terry St. Marie
Consultant and coach
269,303 How does a naysayer shift to power of being positive as a person and a leader, in order to gain more?
11 Dan McCarthy
Great Leadership
Author and consultant
329,990 What can be done to inspire top leaders to help reconfigure HR in ways that gain new results from all?
12 Gina Abudi
Consultant and coach
360,883 What opening sentence of a new book would build curiosity for better project and process management?
13 John Maxwell
Author, consultant, coach and speaker
374,239 Why do so few run with qualities and competencies needed to be a leader in many organizational settings?
14 Kevin Eikenberry
Consultant and speaker
380,231 How does Remarkable Leadership move one great (but unknown new idea) into sustainable action.
15 Wally Bock
Three Star Leadership
Author and consultant
411,752 Why do so many managers miss their mark to perform at a better or higher level, and what would change that?
16 Mike Myatt
Consultant and coach
461,648 What should differ in organizational development to build a finer future in any organization?
17 Steve Roesler
All Things Workplace
Consultant and coach
619,720 Why do some coaches fail to get results in spite of their qualified skills and apparently good methods?
18 Tom Schulte
Author and consultant
663,554 What is the greatest key to sustainable organizational health, and personal or professional career growth?
19 Todd Nielsen
A Slice of Leadership
695,061 How do you reject the status-quo and concentrate on better processes or methodologies in spite of threats?
20 Mark Sandborn
Author, consultant, speaker
716,280 Does leadership development always relate to personal development and effective teambuilding?
21 Scott Eblin
Coach, author and speaker
720,537 How can “the right” behaviors and mindsets be taught by younger upstarts to out of touch veterans?
22 Bea Fields
Consultant and coach
728,917 Where does leadership development start and end in the most successful situations?
23 Jon Gordon
Author, speaker and consultant
852,529 How do you  inspire people or organizations who work without vision, passion, positivity and purpose?
24 Ben Lichtenwalner
Servant Leader
Consultant and coach
876,660 Why would a greedy leader shift to servant leadership, help others, or adopt servant practices by taking action?
25 Ellen Weber
Brain Leaders & Learners
Author and consultant
884,337 How does a whole brain MITA™ approach foster more innovative leading and learning to those who resist change?
26 David Zinger
948,636 What is the core component of authentic relationships and how do these achieve proven better results?
27 Art Petty
Coach, trainer, author
958,215 What about those who suggest critical thinking and decision-making, means merely criticizing others?
28 Mary Jo Asmus
Coach and consultant
1,044,164 Where’s the sustainable profit for those who improve, and sustain relationships with others?
29 Susan Mazza
Random Acts of Leadership
Consultant and coach
1,066,265 Why do so many organizations fail to  translate leadership into evidence of  improved performance?
30 Steve Farber
Author, consultant
1,268,162 How do moderate thinkers shift to  “Extreme Leadership” approaches at all levels?
31 Gwyn Teatro
Consultant and coach
1,424,303 How do under-valued and under-rewarded staff shift into high-performance minds?
32 Rich Gee
Consultant and coach
1,503,923 How do you motivate strong-willed leaders to think differently in order to gain better results?
33 Lisa Rosendahl
Consultant and speaker
1,512,886 How do you better manage human resources in a climate where people and leaders resist change?
34 Michael Ray Hopkin
Lead on Purpose
Consultant and speaker
1,553,883 How does persuasion help strong-minded people who enjoy wrestling with opposing views, to work better?
35 Andrew Bryant
Self Leadership
Consultant, coach speaker
1,609,735 What does  self development do to improve leadership development and why should folks care?
36 Ed Brenegar
Leading Questions
Consultant and coach
1,786,888 Where do transitional and visioning skills get lost in an organization and how can they open opportunities?
37 Geoff Snyder
1,823,881 What would your learning systems do differently and how would they get launched in sustainable ways?
38 Tom Foster
Management blog
1,925,549 What about folks who insist that without one strong leader – teams will fall into chaos and not lead at all?
39 Andrew Rondeau
Great Management
2,079,020 How can a small business compete when resources and power is often controlled by big business interests?
40 Jon Warner
Author, consultant,coach
2,096,788 What would it take to reframe how we think about and foster soft skill development with proven results?
41 John Spence
Consultant and speaker
2,166,704 What’s the first step to gaining international experience through strategic thinking, teamwork, and leadership?
42 Frank Kanu
Genious One
Consultant, speaker
2,701,894 How do you foster and stretch creative thinking in an organization that insists innovation cannot help the bottom line?
43 Cheri Baker
Consultant and trainer
2,758,510 What do you do when bullies control dysfunctional teams and managers appear incapable of dealing with it?
44 Cheryl Cran
Consultant, trainer, speaker
2,860,180 How could organizations gain more value from multi-generational offerings at work?
45 Michelle Malay Carter
Mission Minded Mgt
Consultant, speaker
2,888,993 How do you integrate talent management with organizational design so people gain empowerment?
46 Jim Stroup
Managing Leadership
3,291,368 Where do leaders and organizations most lack strategy, design and execution brilliance?
47 Michael Lee Stallard
Consultant, coach and speaker
3,315,889 What team building strategy would most surprise or delight your readers because of its top results?
48 Lisa Hanneberg
Management Craft
Consultant and trainer
3,630,380 If you could only garner one lesson from life to improve business most, what would that lesson be?
49 Erika Andersen
Author and  consultant
4,945,000 How does a leader move most effectively from a shared vision into shared support and productivity?
50 John Baldoni
Coach and consultant
5,330,891 What does it take for leaders to gain wider support and new opportunities to effect change?

Thanks Dr. Jon Warner, for your leadership wisdom and for generating this list of innovative leaders for the 21st Century.

Thanks fellow leaders for moving wisdom into wealth for a new generation of winners!

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