Medallion of Life after Violence

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Hold life tenderly and violence flees in its many forms.

Medallion of Life after Violence

In spite of endless violent icons, our world craves living models of peace and forgiveness!

My peace icon hangs around my neck today as a reminder to choose harmony.  A reminder to develop skills that convert anger into peaceful resolutions.

Brains choose daily between war and peace

It’s one or the other – kill or care. Both require plans, both get results, and yet they differ as day differs from night.

Brains build new neuron pathways toward peace when we act peacefully. The opposite is also true.  We operate daily from ruts of war whenever we yield to anger or frustration’s pull.

Tree-of-life-medallion from two-year-old grandson tells all

Crafted from landmines left in Vietnam, it reminds me again today of peace and its pathways to life.

I wear my medallion often because my two grandchildren are my life.

Symbol of care and desire for other’s well being

My necklace reminds me again today that life trumps violence.  My grandson’s gift also defines what we all want most for our babies.

Harmony takes altered directions

A few women in Vietnam helped transform gunners into givers, after converting landmines. How so?

Initially my medallion hid within a landmine and exploded to destroy life. Today its gift of life, love and hope offers nectar only a small boy can hand his Nana, as flowers give pollen to bees.

Life stands opposite violence in all its forms

Yes, violence disguises itself in every corner of today’s society. We’ve hardwired our entire nation’s brains to pretend killing can protect or offer life.

Every time we support or condone or act on violence, we literally rewire the brain’s plasticity for more of the same.

Rewiring brains to practice peace

To rewire the brain for tree of life approaches to resolve conflict is to make deliberate decisions Vietnam women made to nurture and build prosperity from peaceful means.

Tribute to all who suffer violence

Today I wear Hendrik’s medallion for all those who lost loved ones at a Batman movie. I also wear it for all of us who crave robust peace for our grandbabies, in exchange for violent tendencies currently supported all around us.

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