5 Surefire Steps to Sluggish Profit

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“I use less than 20 percent of my brain on the job,” a health care worker told me a few days ago. Another neighbor lost his ability to sleep, and speaks of constant frustrations at work. Are you hearing similar stories?

Few people find fulfillment at work these day, while profits continue to plummet into recession’s abyss, and leaders hold fewer answers than snowflakes in summer. Have you seen it?

At the heart of the problem despair deepens for leaders or workers willing to watch profits continue to free fall.

Here are 5 Surefire Steps to Slower Profits:

  1. Ignore problems of morale to profit’s peril.  Solution? Identify  toxins at your workplace based on this survey, and your organization’s scores will inject new zip that transforms innovation into productivity.
  2. Take talent for granted and watch productivity sputter and stall. Solution? Pinpoint your workplace talents through multiple intelligence survey, and watch workers develop skills from their strengths. Or spot peers begin to shore up weaker intelligences at work.
  3. Reward ruts and routines and potholes occur by default. Just ask those colleagues who neglect incentives for improved pathways.
    Radically reconfigured approaches, can reconnect workplace practices to life lines in productivity.
  4. Rarely  measure progress and you automatically track rough roads toward dead-end deficits. I contrast lack of measurement to  clearly stated targets that reboot brains since you spot the difference between loss and gain.  Solution? Accurate measurement, most would agree,  is much like train tracks along which innovation’s engine chugs toward new peaks. Does it happen where you work?
  5. Complain, blame, and vent until cynics and bullies find fodder in fellow workers’ faults. Solution? Collaborate an action plan, and you are well on you way to steady gains. Look at problems with solutions in mind, and then match people’s  intelligences to tasks that pound paths toward growth. Toss time-lines into the mix, and you’ve revved up progress at breakneck speeds.

How is your workplace shifting from toxins to talents for the sake of profit?

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3 thoughts on “5 Surefire Steps to Sluggish Profit

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  2. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind comments Lissa. Have several of Dan Pink’s books – including new book, which I have yet to complete, but I agree with you!

    The whole notion of purpose driven worth is also a delightful part of one’s intrapersonal intelligence where values are spotted, developed and used in this way:-) http://xrl.us/bgfoug

    Hey you do it especially well as a leader – and yes, it’s brilliant – I agree:-).

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