Tone for a New Job

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Tone  can land you a better job, or destroy the one you already have. 

Have you seen it happen?

It’s no secret that many look for meaningful work, while increasingly jobs disappear like sunshine on a foggy day!

Imagine a new super skill that unleashes work, uses your innovative talents and builds you a finer future.

Tone becomes the voice that helps you disagree when turmoil appears at work. Think of it as the warrior who protects self interests with words as weapons, or the peacemaker who applies robust relationship builders across differences. 

Tone capitalizes on grace to build goodwill among even those who disagree. It’s the openness that enables your brain to benefit from opposing views, and the inner voice to risk that next step for work that pays.

Tone offers tonic to boost what you already do, and prevents toxin when you least expect a backlash.

How could brain based tone skills  improve your job situation?

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