Play Your Way to Understand

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Leaders say learners don’t understand new ideas. Learners say leaders rarely offer new ideas. I say play packs a punch to boost brainpower for leaders and learners in a new innovation era. Did you know that to laugh at yourself is to laugh away stress?

That’s why you’ll want to check back soon for the debut of FUNUDERSTAND – an Online simulation game based on play. Perhaps I should say, “Understanding more through play.”

How will it work? 

FUNDERSTAND  challenges you to play your way through an online simulation in 10 Castle Towers.

What is the basic idea of Funderstand? This online simulation currently being designed will boost brainpower, bring together diverse parts of any learning community, and apply intelligent concepts to cool new designs.

All through the power of play!

Collect  gems as badges with each challenge accomplished.

Based on the principle – “If you want brilliance in creative answers take time to play with complex concepts.”


Unlock 10 tower doors through innovative responses, that move you to another tower to collect finer gems.


What learning challenge does FUNDERSTAND address? Learners who currently come to the table with a passion for novelty, eager to  develop new talents – too often leave bored or disappointed.

Funderstand equips players to build and sustain adventure that people crave. Participants will harnesses novelty in ways that traditional learning misses.


Where’s the innovation? This online game is built on the brain based principle that learners will mimic passionate or playful people by showcasing every manner of talent.

Play’s as innate to the human brainpower as waves to oceans, and we now know how mirror neurons mimic adventures observed.  Check out this video on mirror neurons, and ask how your next meeting can mirror more playfulness. Fun spreads like cheers in a winner’s circle, because deep inside brain cells  neurons fire in reaction to another’s adventures.

Where’s evidence for the power of play? Increasingly researchers suggest that many learning settings develop and reward talent of a few only. Sir Ken Robinson, for example, illustrates how too often problems go unsolved while some of the finest minds are left outside of the learning process.

The online game proposed here engages simple questions that build on multiple talents.

You’ll play with questions such as, What if…? or Have you thought about …? go a long way toward playfully building trust that builds and grows together.

How could you FUNDERSTAND a complex concept that boosts brainpower where you work?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset