Advance with a New Mantra

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Step up your IQ to win? Lead smarter in spite of setbacks? Have you considered lately how a new whole brain approach to a challenge you face, could land you in life-changing opportunities?

One young Russian law student Marat Dupri, shifted from a sickly childhood to become a highly skilled “skywalker.” You too can reach new heights with a simple shift of focus. How so?

Advance with a New Mantra

Dupri learned to step past incredible challenges without hesitation.

He moved up higher than most people climb, because he refused doubt.  You?

How could a shift of focus escalate your talents?

Breathtaking views – visible only from top vantage points – inspired this Russian climber to reach past his own health problem, and his country’s economic setbacks.

Dupri speaks of the sheer bliss in reaching new peaks:

I recently climbed to the top of the statue of Peter the Great in the center of the city one night — 100 meters (330 feet) up and onto his head. We climbed up while the guards were sleeping. A weather vane was spinning in the wind on the very top. Below, the sun was slowly rising over Moscow. The city was asleep, and it was like life was frozen. I was the happiest person on Earth. I only need to look down to forget all my problems.

You too could tower over an unforgettable adventure – taking inspiration from its magnificent panoramic view of the next incredible leg of your journey.

The choice you make may seem as simple as daily options go.  Or you could choose to capitalize on teachable moments as Rodney King did in LA riots back in 1992.

Encouraged by a pack of  lawyers to call for revenge, King used his platform instead to promote peaceful race relations. Preferred options spotted in the distance trumped any instant settling of scores.

His chosen mantra became one he heard repeated by his mother,

Can’t we all just get along.

King’s unexpected melody likely advanced directions  for all of LA that day! Perhaps his rhythm continues to improve race relation for us even today.

What’s your mantra for the coming week?

Mine is:

Hit a new height with gusto!

Will your choices reflect life’s inevitable setbacks?

Or will  choices show you using top-range-abilities  to ratchet up your IQ along the way?

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One thought on “Advance with a New Mantra

  1. Paul @Gift ideas

    My mantra for now is “What one man can do,another man can do better” :-)I love your post!It is very inspiring and it has encouraged me to keep pushing on!Good stuff!

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