Chew Away Your Moods on Kindle

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If you’ve ever assembled a play station or tackled a new app for your laptop – however do-it-yourself-easy your task claims to be – good moods can plummet faster than greased lightning.

Chew to Good Moods on Kindle

Before you know it, you’re in over your head and help appears nowhere around. How many times, have you reached for a pinch of support when frustrated, only to find further challenges on the other side?

We’ve all Been There

You feel down because somebody you cared about disappointed you when you least expected it. Or anger crowds out any hope for sanity in a difficult situation. At the same time you long for the kind of zest that comes from humorous, self-confident friends, or a colleague who has your back when others bark at your work.

Who Guessed?

Who would have guessed though, that a small stick of gum could pack a better mood. Apparently, even when persistent pressures smack you down, gum’s rhythmic movement picks you up. Who’d have guessed that gum holds any ability to boost brainpower when you most need a pick-me-up in your day.

Rather than simply trust research suggestions in this ebook, though, chew gum yourself and watch the outcome. Better still, next time you anticipate a stressful situation – from an unruly relative to an impossible target – pop in your favorite gum before the stressor strikes. Become your own researcher and see if you experience calmer results in spite of a conflict. How so?
We now know that gum chewing improves moods, and the experts listed at the back of this ebook show us how it happens. No need to rely on scientists’ research conclusions though. Far better to check out your personal mood possibilities during challenges that relate more to your situation.

New Research on Chewing

After reading what a few experts discovered, why not try out a few brainpowered chewing suggestions for yourself. Simply choose what chewing strategy works best to get you through your next tough day at work.

Start your day with a pack of gum in your pocket, and pop it in as you reframe a problem, for instance. Then simply note how chewing reduces pressure, compared to your stressful responses from similar experiences.

As in most research connected to moods, chewing benefits will differ depending on what exactly you do, how you respond to new approaches, and what specific results you expect. For instance, if you pick up an ax and go for the contrary computer before popping in your in favorite gum, you’ve already triggered a bad mood. Rage will unleash your brain’s dangerous cortisol chemicals in ways that fuel and lock-in stress.

Read More on Kindle Ebook

Can you relate? Do technical or relationship challenges intensify your sour attitudes? If so read on for this Kindle edition here. You can also borrow this ebook  free from Kindle owner lending library.

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One thought on “Chew Away Your Moods on Kindle

  1. GaryFPatton

    Thank you for this helpful research, Ellen. I’ll keep it in mind for “when I feel down”!

    Gum chewing may be good for the brain and moods but chewing something healthier than gum might be wise to limit one’s tooth decay.

    Also, the saliva generated when chewing anything can result in an upset stomach because one’s tummy is constantly being told by the saliva that “something’s coming to digest” when it isn’t.

    Gary In Toronto

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