10 “It’s Your Biz” Brainpower Tools

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Keep your business moving forward because  you can beat the odds, Susan Wilson Solovic challenges in her new book,  It’s Your Biz.

It’s Your Biz – Brainpower Tools

Susan offers award winning solutions to build a finer business in spite of current jobless trends.

It’s brainpowered tools in this book that especially caught my attention though. Those adjustments we make to move from traditional leaders into effective gamechangers. Susan shows how it’s done best.  And applied neuro discoveries show why brains can lead you forward,  in spite of a recession or other speed bumps that hold most people back.

Check out 10 tools Susan advocates to build business into mind-bending entrepreneurship:

1. Risk-taking to run with a novel blueprint. Solovic reminds us of daunting odds on one hand, and on the other she shows benefits of – moving “beyond your comfort zone, rolling the dice and going for it.” Research spotlights the brain’s feel good chemical – dopamine –  to fuel risk-taking and defy logic. Your brain’s hardwired to land you  dividends that inspire winning ventures without robbing your sleep at night. What risk today could land your business on an advanced horizon tomorrow?

2. Confidence to dance alone at times and live new discoveries. As Solovic infers, entrepreneurship leaves some lonely, isolated and even depressed. Luckily confidence can be regained though. It turns out your gene pool comes hard-wired with a unique mix of inner strengths, known as intrapersonal intelligence. With each individual action, even a highly relational person builds new neuron pathways for further confidence to go it alone at times. What character building aspect best describes your approach?

3. Curiosity to learn new approaches. Susan suggests in It’s Your Biz, you take time to listen by asking open-ended questions, that relate to a client’s interests or strengths. The brain grows and engages more working memory to design innovative outcomes, when curiosity revs up insights through great questions. When was the last time you heard a surprising response to a question you asked, such as – What if…?

4. Tone to sell novelty across differences. When Solovic suggests that success means constantly selling your business – she also infers tone skills that engage people as capital.  Apply neuroscience to sales is to become a game-changer.  Build goodwill across differences,  listen with your brain, and you’ll equip clients for innovative sales advantages. Why do others need what you hope to sell this week?

“It’s Your Biz” – Brainpower Tools

5. Support networks that segue into diverse opportunities Move beyond compromise. Urgently needed for an innovation era – are more diverse networks. Leaders who engage the brain’s plasticity gain a wider vision through shared talents. How could you strengthen your support network through building trust with diverse leaders?

6. New perspective to move forward after failure. It’s Your Biz, highlights the fact that obstacles and setbacks await every entrepreneurial journey. Neuro discoveries show the brain’s equipment to reframe your perspective whenever you misstep. Look at challenges with solutions in mind, and find fluidity for new insights – much like Niagara Falls dances and sprays behind  magnificent rainbows near my home. How could one new perspective offer innovative results to reframe your perception against delightful new lights today?

7. Courage to toss sacred cows that prevent winning decisions. Solovic builds a terrific case for planning new business encounters and seizing opportunities.  Capture mental benefits for raising your bottom line, by  releasing sacred cows that hold you back. Run with courage to win, and you’ll  stomp out cynicism, negativity, unhealthy focus on “beating” the competition,  and lack of ethics at work. What tired tradition could you abandon, in order to advance new business opportunities today?

8. Vision to see openings beyond gridlocks. Susan’s It’s Your Biz gives  readers remarkable focus tools to gaze forward. Merely glance back at past disappointments.  Here’s the rub though. The process of learning such brainpowered skills can be brutal for adults at first.  Why so? Turns out that learning requires massive rewiring of vast cortical connections. Yes – it’s far more difficult than simply learning new visionary approaches.  Your new skills come into plastic competition with neural networks that dwelled on past regrets.  They fight for a place among pattern of engaging disappointments that landed you in ruts financially and emotionally in the first place. So how will you gaze through today’s windshields and focus less on rear view mirror watching?

9. Commitment to avoid stress and stay the race. Solovic reminds entrepreneurs to manage stress. Her wisdom brings to mind recent Harvard studies that show stress as gaining ground in ways that displace commitment and increase depression at work. How do you stand up against current stats that show stress shrinking the brain and robbing commitment?

10. Time management to meet new challenges at their cutting edges. Susan shows how time is more than money, and nothing kills startups like procrastination. Do you manage time as an opportunity to hit at high performance deadlines with richer results in mind?

As you mine gems from It’s Your Biz, it’s easy to celebrate Susan Solovic’s goldmine of wisdom. No wonder this book found a top place on New York Times Best-Seller List. Which idea here could ratchet up your talents today – to land similar ratings at your workplace?

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