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Have you noticed how many top writers and thinkers, like Liz Strauss and Robyn McMaster, have entered the blogosphere lately? More than 75,000  new blogs pop up every day … according to Technorati. 

The number of blog sites in China reached 182 million in November with more than 162 million people  visiting blogs.

We can all name dozens of amazing thinkers and shakers here, and those are from only the few sites we cotton onto daily.  But what do top bloggers share in common?

I’ve observed  5 shared habits that shape effective blogger brains:

Blogger brains comes alive when:

1. Visitors stop by to leave their views.  Have you seen your messages come to life with a new twist an unusual turn?  Or do you write the next entry differently when two-bits of  wit-‘n-wisdom bumps a hot idea to the next heat level?

2. Human capital toss valued exchanges  into the ring to add interactions and zip that mere scores or pings cannot offer.

3. Inspired ideas,  images, and applications pop up like popcorn ready to serve and share with eager diverse crowds.

4. Small rewards pay it forward. It could be in the form of a badge,  a cup, or just a few words that lift a compelling thought up to the rainbow for another look.

5. Readers learn something new, from somebody new,  about a mind-bending insight that’s new.  Or at least presented a zinger yet to be explored – that holds promise to improve or shake up our world.

Blogs not only change the way we think, act, and do business, they stir curiosity so that we come alive in one  another’s worlds. I think that’s the part that really shapes the best bloggers’ minds. What do you think?

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