Steve Jobs Turned Mentoring Into Mindguiding

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In today’s  New York Times Steve Lohr crowned Jobs –

Master of Design

Steve Jobs Turned Mentoring into Mindguiding

Countless writers and commentators agree that Steve Jobs’ genius advanced communication and transformed our world with technology.

From  Mentor …

Lohr’s points to Jobs’ growth from mentor in his earlier years, when he:

… was notoriously hands-on, meddling with details and berating colleagues.

Mentoring in today’s corporate culture looks a lot like hands-on meddling – that tends to  replicate past possibilities.  No wonder we miss  genius gateways forward. Have you seen it?

An older, supposedly wiser, richer, or entitled leader mentors newbies – who may be brighter in several areas of Steve Jobs’ brilliance, in spite of having little experience.

… To Mindguide

Lohr also showed how Job’s second stint at Apple differed, in that he

… relied more on others, listening more and trusting members of his design and business teams.

Mindguiding, in contrast to mentoring, leaps into pools of unlimited potential.

Like Jobs did in later years, mindguides trust in others’ talent to build brainpowered tools. Unlike mentoring, mindguiding engages a reciprocal learning-teaching process.

Diversity and rawboned talent become mental assets as mindguides learn together much like mutual coaches and as all lead at times.

Do you agree that mentoring often replicates yesteryears?

Or would you support mindguiding  into new segues for an innovative future?

Imagine if the Steve Job’s kind of mindguiding morphed into mutually beneficial learning and leading opportunities where you work. Could it happen?

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3 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Turned Mentoring Into Mindguiding

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