Beyond Gridlock and Compromise – through Diversity

Why do government leaders settle for compromise rather than lead for growth? Recently we watched national leaders lose what could have been a life-changing opportunity for world class growth. Sadly, they settled for gridlock with compromise at best. No wonder markets plummeted – along with a nation’s hope and trust.

Beyond Gridlock and Compromise

Imagine  leaders who hold diversity as a noble concept. Do you? It takes another look to see what really wins. Have you noticed how people tend to pass over what differs, judge harshly what they lack courage to try, and torpedo innovations that seem less familiar?

What’s behind gridlock that tears down hope and stomps out innovation? In one sense, you can blame diversity’s lack on the brain’s equipment. Typically, people lean more on their brain’s basal ganglia – or mental equipment that defaults us daily into a comfortable stance within ruts and routines. Ineffective leaders depend less on the brain’s rather uncomfortable working memory where risk resides. It doesn’t have to be that way. How so?

What if we cultivate diverse talents to short circuit gridlock that holds us all back? Activate risk’s neural pathway fueled by  brain chemicals such as dopamine, and watch the markets rally in response. See risk with finer odds than compromise or spinning wheels through mud?

Let’s run from deficit approaches to diversity and reach mountain peaks of renewed  brainpower in its multiple forms. We’d remove fear from people who benefit now and fear including new talents into the mix.  When diversity gets labeled as a deficit model, any sense of celebration from added brilliance is suddenly lost. In contrast, innovative leaders stoke emerging talent to win wonders for a finer future.

Alternatives are endless for those who step beyond the speed-bumps of gridlock. Reboot toward smoother highways of facilitated diversity, and you’ll enter mutual mindguiding opportunities, for instance. Join leaders who integrate skills for an innovation era, and who explore diverse edges together for shared benefits.  Celebrate endless inventions beyond mere compromise, when you engage multiple intelligences.

When my MBA leadership class leads innovative projects entire communities buzz with  passion and new discoveries. Spot new gems across ethnicity, gender and age, mixed in at every level, and you also  discover original solutions – because human brains come poised for mixed mindsets.

During a lifetime of travel and working with multi-cultural  leaders in the High Arctic, Mexico, Europe, South America, Ireland, China, Canada, Caribbean and the United States, I developed brainpowered tools to facilitate mixed mindsets based on changes in the brain though certain actions. For a richer culture where differences become assets, for example,  shift to escalate the wonder of richer talents.  Innovative leaders see diverse windows into wealthier benefits for all.

Urgently needed for an innovation era – are more diverse leaders, who risk engaging the brain’s plasticity for a nobler vision through shared talents. Only then can we capitalize on diversity to develop problem solving skills for innovation, with the brain in mind.

Ask two footed questions to replace  noise and clamor from gridlock that blocks curiosity and ignores human talent. Then, in silent spaces seek leadership talent that’s typically created in interactive circles for shared dividends. Facilitate rather than talk, and watch others too run from  ruts and boredom that limits you to compromises at best. Leaders who abandon the foothills of common demands, tend to climb to extravagant castles where discoveries can last for a lifetime and cross continents.

Imagine blended talents that increase your wins, and you’ve begun to access richer DNA pools that people crave.  Brainpower comes equipped with mirror neurons so others begin mimic and celebrate gains that follow. Watch markets respond, and hope take wing.

When congressional leaders  cling to one side only, tides turn away from innovative opportunities across this nation. Leaders who dare to risk on the flip side of familiar,  capitalize more on neuro discoveries, wield rejuvenation remedies that transform tired traditions into blended benefits.

It starts with a shift toward winning, and often ends by slapping a fellow leader on the back for an original idea.  and you’ve already begun to lead mixed mindsets. Serotonin, the brain chemical that stirs well being, is passed across formerly isolated silos, whenever people engage multiple intelligences for instance.

Are you wired for winning? New approaches to brilliant results,  replace stress handed to our nation by toxic workplaces, with  dangerous cortisol,  and gridlocks that  settle for compromises at best.   Each act toward attaining the win you desire,  literally alters your brain cell connections.  Every act in the opposite direction of worry, adds chemicals and electricity for a bold new solution.

The human brain shapes itself from diversity you focus on,  and changes daily based on what you do. But according to neuro specialist Dr. Doidge, brains do not distinguish well between should or should not. For instance, if you emphasize “not including different skills,” you build neuron pathways toward gridlock’s fiascoes.  Can you see problems here for economic growth? Facilitate more of what peers do well, and emphasize less of what people do poorly, and diversity will rejuvenate changes this nation craves.

Are you aware of how leaders  wire  for either fear or freedom? The opposite of rewiring for calm through inclusive tone skills, for instance, is to wire for gridlock and compromise. The potential within tone tools from neuroplasticity – can rewire entire communities for emphasizing and attaining more positive targets from deeper DNA pools.

Luckily, inclusive tone starts within each of us,  can improve the national leadership direction, and fosters innovative ventures. Let’s look first look in opposite directions of  isolation approaches, that wire brains for pessimism and lead to loss. Let’s instead  embrace  one novel adventure today, as a comeback from gridlock into gains that win back wealth we lost through compromises.  What would it take to rewire your day?

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7 thoughts on “Beyond Gridlock and Compromise – through Diversity

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  4. eweber Post author

    Thanks Stephen, and what a delight to see others who are doing similar work. Your site is excellent. Thanks also for your encouraging words and your support to help lead the way into a very different and far finer future.

    Like you I’ve spent the last few decades in this work, and yet I also sense that it will be collaborative teams that pull talent together to make that difference that folks crave.

    Stephen, imagine leaders who catch a vision beyond the pettiness of their own interests, and who learn to facilitate talents that draw genius from many corners. The brain’s newly yielded discoveries could be so instumental, if we simply hone the strengths into tools to make it happen.

    Please let me know how we can support you endeavors — since I too see that we are on the very same page and that we have uniquely different offerings at the intersections! Your thoughtfulness has made my day great!

  5. Stephen Hager

    Dear Dr. Weber

    Your candor and courage to share your global thinking and insights is delightful, entertaining and enlightening. Much needed!

    Yes, the world is undergoing chaos. After reflection on the areas you discuss, I am grateful that things are this bad because it will catalyze a critical mass of like minded people who will lead us out of this collosal mess. Inflexible, close minded and narcissistic thinking can not be erased overnight; we can, however, rebalance the “teeter totter” by leveraging the neurodiversity of integrous women and men of high values who share a common vision. Focused brain power is like “Hoover Dam.”

    Deanna and I have been working in the field of practical neuroscience for nearly 20 years. We see and experience signs that more leaders are open to learning how to connect brainpower with heart-power. In fact, I am very encouraged that accelerated changes are occuring as we correspond and the results are not yet obvious. It is obvious that more needs to be done.

    Again, thank you for your contributions and good work. I am open to communicating with you directly. You can reach me by email or phone from our web site. Our articles and blogs seem to be in complete alignment with yours.

    Best and kindest regards,

    Stephen Hager
    The Hadron Group
    Creators of brain based human development products since 1992

  6. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind words, Arthur. You make some killer points here about both diversity and health – YES, these two concepts go together. We’ve been steering too many ships with one oar. It’s time to steer a few focused vessels with two oars ann hope in our sails!

    Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully our leaders will learn the tone skills to get the country moving again. All they need to do is open the doors – human talent will do the rest and there’s lots of it out there:-)

  7. Arthur Tassinello

    An excellent article, which undoubtedly points to the fact that we need to oust our present congress of 504 and replace them with about two dozen people from diverse backgrounds who understand the need for social programs and how to balance the budget. We do not need to spend 10s of millions of dollars in compensation to a congress who cares little for our common good.

    We tout how great America is, and it is for the wealthy who like to keep it that way. There is opportunity everywhere if you stop pandering to the Mega Corporations, Oil and the Mega Rich.

    We have the brains, and the talent, and the technology to so everyone has a least the basics of food, shelter and health care.

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