Target to Reboot Your Brain

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We’ve all met dynamic people who know just where they are headed, and observed flounderers who appear headed nowhere. But have you considered the mental dividends that come with setting clear targets, as Zig Ziglar described in this video. Do you know how to reboot for focus?

Human brains rewire potent capabilities to achieve more when you focus on clear concrete goals, and yet bad choices inevitably follow at times through loss of goals.  How so?

Target a goal to learn a technology skill and watch the synergy in your brain begin to narrow  gaps between your current capability online and new technical acumen to which you are headed.

At its peak performance, the brain focuses to keep you on track. In contract to multi-tasks that bottleneck the brain, targets enable you to visualize and follow clear pathways forward. They also inspire mind-bending efforts that win along the way.

In contrast, the stressful,  fearful, or anxious brain pulls you in many directions. Similarly, the brain that defaults back to basal ganglia ruts, rarely targets new or cutting edge priorities without written targets as a visual impetus to move past daily distractions.

Imagine a university class, secondary school class, or staff meeting where every participant sees clear targets of what they will takeaway,  and you’ll also see how targets impact learning and growth. Always expressed in specifics takeaways, people tend to achieve more and trip over interruptions less with targets.

In spite of so many tired and broken systems or toxic workplaces that create confusion, targets offer far more brainpower for success. Not because they remind us of people’s past efforts, but precisely because they often do not.

Too busy lately?   Or too unmotivated to reach peaks you’d once dreamed of achieving? Why not add a few key targets into a doable list to guide today. Your brain will do the rest.

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