Brainpowered Dreams with Whitney Johnson

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Read Brain-Powering Your Dream if you’re ready to leap at a new challenge today!

Dare to Dream with Whitney

Imagine for even a moment, how you could embark you on a brilliant journey toward your most compelling dream!

Thanks for that reminder and inspiration Whitney Johnson!

Whitney Johnson

Thanks also for validating my own dare-to-dream-discoveries! No wonder you  brainpower so many extravagant dreams!

What a new world we could shape if we pondered these few questions!

1. Is dreaming something all can learn to do?

2. What really goes on in the mind of dreamers?

3. How do dreamers curtail cortisol and learn to access serotonin?

4. How do you rewire moods to benefit more from dreams?

5. How can you stretch, and not shrink your brain?

6. Why do successful dreamers run from cynics?

7. What’s the advantage in letting your brain wander?

8. How does the brain transform dreams into realities?

9. How do you develop new neuron pathways toward a lofty dream?

10. What part of the brain  shuts down dreams and what advances them?

Find surprising  answers over at Dare to Dream and tell us how you brainpower your dreams.

2 thoughts on “Brainpowered Dreams with Whitney Johnson

  1. eweber Post author

    Whitney, what a privilege to travel a wee leg of the journey together!

    Thanks for your good wishes and generous leadership approach. That also for well wishes – we have a few sessions coming up that will change landscapes because people are daring to dream.

    The future lies waiting for those with courage to take the risks needed for an innovation era – and you open doors daily for those gathering the talents to go through!

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