10 Popular Idols Kill Innovation

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Those who cling to idols from  past eras, rarely risk innovative wonders for future eras.  Sadly, we’ve settled for systems that  tend to worship 10 barriers to innovation:

10 Popular Idols Kill Innovation

1). Scientific Method – Rather than invite wonder, and delight for discovery – we’ve dragged people into a jaded sense of self worth. What if each person lived true scientific methods with a mind to discover 4 possibilities? Spot – Wonder – Test – Win!

2. Lectures – Rather than engage, and invent – lectures drown new ideas and stifle original solutions. What if we run from all lectures, in favor of engaging brilliant ideas together? 100 Reasons to Run from Lectures! 

3. Mentoring – Rather than reciprocal coaching, that benefits from differences, mentors advice clever cronies to operate much like a seasoned reprobate. What if we morphed into mutually benefiting opportunities to grow?    From Mentor to Mindguide.

4. Fixed IQ – Rather than stretch tasks to make space for more brainpower from all, we operate as if some people are smart and others never will be. What if we saw IQ as fluid, and surveyed for multiple intelligence contributions? Question Brainpower through Mita Growth Survey.

5. Competition – Rather than consider a wider or finer good and focus on ways to give back at times, we push incessantly to advance personally at all costs.  What if we cultivated shared values with ethics at the helm? A Brain on Ethics.

6. Traditions – Rather than learn daily from advances in innovation, we cling to traditions as if broken systems from past offer the best plans forward. What if we dropped one sluggish tradition per month for an advanced magic carpet ride over new possibilities? Wonders and Woes of Change.

7. Performance Reviews – Rather than use laughter to build mental and emotional health, we’ve barred it from places it would contribute most growth. What if comedy helped us to deign innovative possibilities past daily mistakes? A Brain on Laughter.

8. Politics – Rather than serve people or build a better world, political leaders serve themselves and build a better campaign. What if all political leaders had to pass a course in civility and serve collaboratively with folks who differ? What’s Political about Human Brains?

9. War – Rather than cultivate freedom and liberate humans, war leaves us primed for violence and without regard for humanity that differs. What if we created an icon and plan for peace to match every tribute we offer to wars or violence?   What if we Wired for War or Poised for Peace?

10. Critical Thinking – Rather than offer intelligent responses that critics pretend to bring, brainpower is sadly truncated with increasing waves of cynicism and attacks. What if we harnessed lateral thinking on the other side of cynicism? Brainpower Beyond Sea of Cynicism.

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