5 Tips to Lead Genius

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How do you lead a genius?

Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committedd people can change the world, Margaret Mead said. See it happening?

In less than a decade Zappos propelled productivity to more than a billion dollars, and earned a place in Fortune magazine’s best places to work. Zappos built a company culture where genius thrives, because  stagnant systems change to bust  outmoded rules that hold back genius. Do you lead with life-changing results and clever innovators in mind?

Let’s say Joe Brilliance joins your department after winning a Nobel Prize for his latest invention. Or, when Mary Mastermind attracts  top grants for your organization, does she find stimulating settings suitable to roll out mind-bending research?

How do you lead for genius results?

The jury’s still out on why some people are  smarter. Most  agree though, that brilliant solutions tend to flow from pools just outside prevailing thought – where genius:

  • Approaches differ from daily routines of ordinary blokes, who characterize too many organizations.  Unlike leaders who expect less, renewed leaders yield millionanire-mind-results. Like Zappos’ leaders do, they inspire genius  ideas,  so that plasticity  rewires  brainpower for brilliant innovation. Did you know for instance, that while many boardrooms include men only – new research proves that teams with more women have higher IQ?
  • Encouragement adds IQ  growth for novel adventures.  How so? Think of people as fixed IQs and you’ll expect mundane results.  The opposite is also true. Promote novelty to jumpstart advanced capabilities at work.  Encouragement changes the chemistry of a brain by raising serotonin, and adding tone for profitability.
  • Communication serves up care, openness and honesty.  Sadly,  harmful meta messages –  insincere interactions, reduce people to ordinary blokes in toxic workplacesWhen poor tone replaces healthy exchanges you  dumb down to ruts and routines that poison genius opportunities. You dispose of amazing iniatives seized by healthy organizations.
  • Collaboration rallies across differences to design brilliant solutions.  When diversity flourishes through shared ventures, venting drops off  as people unite for key solutions. Results that pound new neuron pathways toward advanced ideas and winning results for all.

Further genius-leadership-tips – in radio interview on facts about your brain that increase workplace brainpower and toss profitable innovation into your growth plans?

Further reading for those who see innovative leaders prosper more in genius-friendly MBA management courses.

Further Big Developments in Neuroscience to Watch – via David DiSalvo in Nuuropsyched.

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