5 Steps to Brainpowered Decisions

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Consider evey choice you’ll make today. Now look at how each decision changes your brain’s plasticity to lead you up or down – for or against a winning shot. A lot of punch packed into even ordinary decisions, when you consider how to open winning pathways to innovation. Sadly, some decisions today could also sink you further into in broken system confinement, by default.  How so?

5 keys enable you to decide more with your brain in mind.

1. Question in ways that add zip to your day. Will you enhance novelty by choosing what to accomplish well today? Or do your verdicts sink you into victim’s mentality? Either you make brainpowered decisions that lead into aha solutions – or you’ll settle for decisions that drain. Forget cognitive opportunities, and default to letdowns, if you decide poorly.  For that reason, we often start the day at the Mita International Brain Center by asking –  What if…?

Brainpowered decision-making

2. Target visible improvements and swim upstream.  Rather than make decisions based on conventional cynicism, why not reboot brainpower to add innovation? It’s quite straighforward. On the flip side of regret and blame, lies creativity, along with brainpowered skills to tame an amygdala.  Embedded in winning decisions are challenges to risk innovation or ratchet up targets for more wins across differences. What decision will you make today that leads both men and women to an innovative improvement for tomorrow?

3. Expect to spot and sustain novel designs, such as those new jobs our nations craves.  How so? Confer with people who think and dream differently. The brain’s mirror neurons kick in and propel  you to mimic creative people in your circles. The opposite is also true. Expect to have your decisions challenged unfairly because of tragic traits in minds of bullies and cynics you encounter.  In spite of setbacks – how do you override your  brain’s default for ruts toward a finer future from your choices?

4. Move multiple intelligences into your decision-making tool kit, but avoid stepping forward when stressed though. IQ is not fixed – and intelligences grow daily with use when you create aclimate for growth.  Cultivate a conducive chemical and electrical  circuitry and intelligences expand.  Far better to focus on motivation first for instance, to  tackle any topic honestly, from multiple angles, and with confidence.  Serotonin‘s chemical for well being, for example,  is emitted through respectful tone, just as dangerous cortisol comes with poor tone. Not surprisingly both chemicals impact intelligences for good or bad.  In fact, the choice for good or bad tone that fuels poor decisions and comes with cortisol –  is far less dependent on stressful events than on brainpowered skills to decide well when stressors hit.

5. Reflect for decisions that lead to innovation across differences. Interesting new research shows that emotions survive after memories vanish, and deep emotions play a larger part in decision making than the logic leaders claim to use more.  Reflective leaders connect decisions to the benefits from laughter. They make choices to live beyond mental myths.

Most leaders agree that to reflect is to shuffle the decisions out of daily ruts, rouse stagnant leaders from routine resting places and compel brains into wider reaches. Reflection often signals a lofty choice, not evident to a non-reflective mind.

According to Robert Lee Holtz, Wall Street Journal Science Columnist, researchers found that certain decisions caused sudden insights or Eureka moments show unique neural activity in EEG sensors. Link inner decision-making with outer consequences expected, and you’ve also packed amazing  brainpower for better outcomes.

Like water cascades from mountain peaks in spring, success swirls in reflective pools  between decisions and their cadence in rippled action. The brain creates new neuron pathways toward each direction you move in.

How could you gain things never before achieved through brainpowered decisions never before made?

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