Flexibility’s Force and Foibles

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Just as top gymnasts bend without breaking,  flexible brains adapt with unbelievably pliable approaches.

Did you know –

  • Human brains come equipped with flexibility, or plasticity, that takes exercise to sustain?
  • Plasticity, or mental elasticity has less to do with age and far more to do with choices?
  • People are more susceptible to ruts than most realize, because of basal ganglia defaults?
  • Working memory is the brain’s center stage for flexible behavior?
  • Flexible brains tend to withstand stress with less mental strain?
  • Resilient minds respond better to change and benefit more from improvements?
  • The brain rewires itself in response to one’s world and its own electrical activity?
  • Natural chemical activity works for or against mental flexibility?

What has flexibility added to your temperament or mental capability?

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0 thoughts on “Flexibility’s Force and Foibles

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  6. eweber Post author

    An interesting concept, Jeanne, as we consider how often we speak of paradigm shift and how little we see it happen:-) A wonderful challenge for a new day! Thanks!

  7. Jeanne Dininni

    I totally agree, Ellen, that the only awareness that makes any difference at all in our lives is the awareness that we translate into action. Until we’ve done that, we can never call it a paradigm shift–because true paradigm shifts affect every aspect of our lives.

  8. eweber Post author

    Actually, when it comes to the brain, action toward a new goal trumps even awareness in terms of rewiring one’s dendrite connectors for mind-bending changes, Jeanne. It’s cool how it works – and a wonderful daily challenge too:-)

  9. Jeanne Dininni

    So true, Ellen! I’ve certainly experienced the ruts — and the baggage — and I’m definitely ready for a change! Awareness is such an important part of the process, too. It’s the stuff of which paradigm shifts are made!

  10. eweber Post author

    Jeanne, the operative word here is committed! Like you I too have made that commitment – since I know the brain’s tendency for ruts and baggage to the unaware mind! It’s fun to run into others who decide to rejuvenate mentally:-) Think of what this commitment could do across even one bureaucracy! Nuff said!

  11. eweber Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Ramana, and also for your interesting insight. Interesting new research shows how the personality and brain are far more fused than once thought and that emotional intelligence (which is deeply embedded in intrapersonal intelligence) literally controls far more of the brain’s capability than once thought.

    On your interesting insights about peace of mind — there is also research to back your own observations and experiences here:-). Thanks for sharing these!

  12. rummuser

    When I think about this, I come to the famous chicken or egg question. Which comes first? The flexible brain or the flexible personality that makes the brain adapt.

    Being a lay person, I am unable to figure this out. I can however vouch for one fact. Being flexible and adaptable brings about peace of mind and a more relaxed approach to life’s challenges.

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