MBAs Lead Innovative Brainpower

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MBAs Lead Celebration of Innovation

MBA students at  the  Bitner School of Business in New York lead innovation with the brain in mind during their course by the same name.

See their dynamic innovation story over at Forbes and at Brain Based Biz.

This leadership class differs from traditional lectures,  presentations, or illustrated ideas. Students design and lead an innovation that improves their workplace and optimizes their multiple intelligences. The result?

MBA students facilitated solutions

Community leaders and MBA leaders-in-training integrate novel ideas together, through overarching questions at a Celebration of Innovation.

At this innovation trade show of sorts, diverse minds ignite flames that could have sparked Joseph Conrad’s words, The mind is capable of anything–because everything is in it, all the past as well as all the future.


After looking at several perspectives in teams, MBA students facilitate solutions by unleashing talents from unique angles.

They apply brainpowered  tools, much like those that appeared on Forbes, Mind Makeover.

Think of it as stacking the deck – where leaders support and learn from  diverse talents shared by a wide mix of minds,  in The Bitner School of Business in New York. Their exchange differs from one-way talks,  presentations, or illustrated ideas, typical of graduate classes at many colleges.

Their final celebration – hosted by the MBA students themselves,  opens new job opportunities, transforms workplaces into curious

Transforms workplaces into curious and caring communities

and caring communities, and stirs mind-bending unions across genders, ages, and backgrounds.

Vigorous exchanges and cutting edge proposals show how innovators risk in ways that can move an engine forward.

It’s a bit like holding a crown metaphorically over each leader’s head until grown into, and then supporting growth and adventure to keep it their.

Imagine an entire community stacking decks for one another and you see what results for these graduates. Leaders in the field and in the MBA program engage by celebrating shared pathways to make innovation happen in shared industries.  Sound like a needed force for a new era?

Novel ideas integrated through two-footed questions

Unique insights integrate faster when facilitators welcome creative ideas across both right and left brainpower. In their celebration of innovation, student-led games, discussions, videos and surveys reconfigured neuro-discoveries transform practical workplace solutions.

Leaders apply similar ideas to reshape dead-end workplace routines, such as boring meetings. Talks became productive idea exchanges – to advance newly created designs – and exchanges converted diverse talents into shared solutions.

Connections bring together opposing views

During the celebration, MBA students and leaders reflect on where-to-from-here by questioning and wondering, as opposed to talking or delivering. As MBA students identifiy challenges that tend to truncate workplace change, leaders work together to minimize barriers to changes that could transform non-productive practices at work.

Renewal happens in spite of setbacks

To learn from opposing views, students see how castle views differ- depending from which tower windows they look. In much the same way, new era MBA leaders shift views, as they move from tower to tower, to observe problems and propose possibilities from several sides.

Management’s perspective differs from union’s perspective, for instance, and within those opposites students find shared values that guide both sides toward agreement.  Just as workplace problems become challenges for collaborators, so toxins such as poor tone or low morale, yield to opportunities when innovation spans differences.

Facilitators look for rejuvenated tools that fit an innovation era. Have you seen it?  Innovation with NY leaders and SJFC leaders Since the recession hit though, few deny an urgent need for innovative change.  Leaders crave a finer alignment between MBA courses and mental benefits for high performance minds. It takes open and courageous leaders to risk  leading change from both front lines and front offices. Whenever a  facilitator acts as guide to the side, rather than sage on the stage , however, rejuvenated approaches begin to lead innovation with the brain in mind. This celebration of innovation offers a starting point to move from stubborn resistance to mental rejuvenation.

How is innovation celebrated and applied to fuel improvements where you work? capture1

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