Are You a Whole Pie Leader?

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Board room exchanges, give false impressions that if newcomers gained access to leadership – there’d be less for people already in.

Are you a whole pie leader?

No wonder leaders grab onto power and block outsiders from entry. Brainpowered approaches, favor whole pies for all who lead, so that diversity becomes an asset.

How so?

If you select the one-piece-only deficit approach, you’ll likely resent any others who share from your lot.  You’ll view them as intruders who’ll diminish the common share.

On the other hand, if you favor full pies for all people, you likely celebrate the fact that the more intelligences you use, the more dendrite brain cells you grow.

You’ll be generous – even reckless, in your support for people who differ.  If you encourage talents across silos, you’ll likely also cross-pollinate high performance minds. With input from many different positions,  support follows and leadership grows.

Conventional leaders may still cut from one pie only, and some leaders may fear others will diminish their whole with each portion consumed.  In contrast, Mita leaders toss off entire pies to others who are ready to lead. What portions, remain in your life-changing pie – waiting to be cut, changed or  celebrated?

See why some fear there’ll be none left over for them, if others join leadership table? In contrast to this deficit model, Mita’s asset model sees diversity’s asset approach, that yields more for all.

With an entire pie available to each who participates,  Mita enables leaders to cultivate endless innovative opportunities that come with whole brain thinking.

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