Traditional or Brainpowered Leadership?

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Traditional Leaders Differ from Mita Brainpowered Leaders in 5 Core Areas:

Which side of the chart best shows your leadership approach?


Traditional Leaders see Headship as Central- while Innovation is Central to Brainpowered Leaders
Traditional Leaders   —      Mita Brainpowered Leaders
1 Tell and Deliver Question and Wonder
2 Critique for Mistakes Target Improvements
3 Foster Similarity Expect Quality Differences
4 Use talents at the Top Move Multiple Resources Throughout
5 End with Test Completion Reflect with Innovation Celebration

Traditional Leaders see People to be Led- while People are Capital to Brainpowered Leaders

You’ll recognize that Brainpowered leadership  views, hold:

  • people as capital
  • leaders as facilitators
  • knowledge as shared
  • workplaces as curious and caring communities
  • Innovation as an engine forward

The brain rewires itself for change only when you apply what you are learning.

Why not try metrics that identify your leadership traits over the next day?

1. How many people responded to your questions with innovative components that will improve the team’s upshot? Your answer from 1 – 10 ______.

2. Have many innovative solutions did you generate or facilitate, when you faced failures, mistakes or broken systems where you work? Your answer from 1 – 10 ______.

3. How many times did you ensure balance across genders, and diverse backgrounds so that top leaders acted on distinctive new alternatives? Your answer from 1 – 10 ______.

4. How many intelligences did you use and encourage in others – as tools to add innovative solutions or replace hierarchical ruts? Your answer from 1 – 10 ______.

5. How many times did you celebrate your own or another’s innovation within a wider community so that an improvement resulted? Your answer from 1 – 10 ______.

Add total responses of this brief measure of your Mita brainpowered leadership, and then divide by 5 to get your score.

It should be noted here that Mita brainpowered tools above – are renewed workplace practices that raise motivation and increase innovative productivity.

These tools draw upon integrated research from recent neuro and cognitive discoveries, from more than one dozen leading and learning theories listed in the Mita manifesto, from proven practices that earned achievement awards, and doctoral degrees from several cultures in international settings.

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    Thanks for stopping by, Robyn, and I already imagine your day charged with innovative ahas!

    Olaf, you are absolutely right about the once a month – because that offers a trigger for innovative life flow on a regular basis. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve already decided that I will plan to do just that – and I plan to make the 17th of each month just that day:-)

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