Inventing or Venting?

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It likely comes as no surprise that human brains cannot vent and invent at the same time. Some media programs, and many organizations for that matter – enable venting in ways that preclude its opposite. How so?

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You only have to focus on innovation for a day at work, to observe a brain’s entire circuitry  shut off spigots to common complaints.  More dynamic, watch innovative initiatives turn on a brainpowered serotonin switch for winning possibilities.

Bruce Peters

The CEO Hour at WCEOhq Radio does just that. Co-hosts Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas toss back and forth hot insights between innovative business leaders in Rochester-Syracuse-Buffalo areas. As teams come together with promising possibilities, several innovations have begun to emerge across Upstate New York.

Unlike media programs that vent,  brainpowered approaches invent new neuron pathways forward. Have you noticed how novelty springs up faster when multiple talents get tossed into the ring?  Or when cynicism gets swept out?

Recently MITA’s brainpowered renewal approaches fit hand-in-glove into CEO Hour Radio. As program hosts,  Bruce Peters and Diana Palotas teamed to promote the kind of growth many leaders in this area crave, MITA tossed in two-bit parts.

Diana Palotas

In Segment 1 – we discussed how organizations move from venting to inventing – with the brain in mind.  In Segment 2 we took brainpowered steps toward innovative repairs for stagnating staff meetings.

It’s easier than most realize to shape talents into tools, when you  cutoff lifelines to constant criticism. Simply support teams with novel innovations that advance entire communities, and catch what I observed at CEO Hour Radio. Have you seen it happen?


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2 thoughts on “Inventing or Venting?

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks Mike, what’s amazing about this post is that the team-play among Bruce, Diana and me really started sparking insights. Proof often likes not so much soaked in pudding – as it does in actions and exchanges with leaders like you.

    Mike, the rather sad side of this story is that those who vent impact others and limit inventions – due to mirror neurons! You’d enjoy the wonderful new research on that topics too.

    Have you seen impact on innovative workers – from one or two who vent often or loudly? What about impact from those who invent?

  2. Mike Wagner

    The science of this post certainly matches my first hand experience working with teams within client companies.

    “human brains cannot vent and invent at the same time.”

    I suspect coaches who who work in the team sports arena know this as well.

    I’m looking forward to learning in the two segments you contributed to.

    Thanks…for sharing!


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