5 Surefire Torpedoes for Innovative Brainpower

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You may find it interesting to discover that one can flick on a molecular brainpower switch, and disengage innovations.  It’s done daily – any time – any where.

Handy to know? Perhaps for those who’ll  snipe at change-agents this week,  before they lead others forward. How so?

Surefire Torpedoes for Innovative Brainpower

Here are 5 surefire torpedoes for downing innovative brainpower where you work:

  1. Pop new innovations to sink them before they float. Toss darts much like people burst circus balloons. Or just snipe that the new idea stinks, before any competition runs with it.  Either way you’ll extend cortisol chemicals into team circles, like storm clouds cover a  summer sun.
  2. Run with cynics and support naysayers. Shove your way into every innovative circle you spot. Tell people you’re there as a critical thinker for a cover,  then arm yourself with killer tone to take out peers who differ from you on any topic raised. Affirm no innovation you hear, and remember to shoot from the hip whenever a soft spot’s in sight.
  3. Argue fast, foul, and often. Hurl a deluge of hard core research facts to support your one sided-views. Talk constantly –  don’t  listen ever, and ignore people who disagree. Be sure to avoid any questions at all costs. Rely on dopamine to survive your boredom when others suggest strategies for change.
  4. Push rock-solid opinions about pretty much everything that pops into mind. Don’t try to tame your brain’s amygdala, so when it overheats – people will know you’re angry as hell, and then few will tangle with your sacred cows.
  5. Back the bullies – so they don’t go after your back when you least expect it. Remember to disagree with nothing a bully spouts, regardless of how you feel.  In fact you’ll want to vent when they vent, and defend nobody they shut down or crinkle.

Continue to fire these torpedoes,  at least once a week, to ensure  you preempt all innovations that sprout at your workplace.

Don’t try to take advantage of novel improvements that  do slip past your poor tone though –it may already be too late to change.

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5 thoughts on “5 Surefire Torpedoes for Innovative Brainpower

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  2. eweber Post author

    Love the pairing together of HONEST and CURIOSITY here, Conrad. That in itself raises my own sense of wonder about some cool integrations we are working with at the MITA Center. Thanks!

  3. eweber Post author

    Conrad your generosity is humbling, and thanks also for your kind words of encouragement!

    Because I have facilitated meetings and so enjoy that role, my eyes are wide open to what brings great innovation, and what crushes some of the most intelligent voices in a circle. It was fun to step back and say it in a way that us to hold the issues up to the rainbow for another look.

    Thanks Conrad for the way you facilitate diverse ideas in wonderful new directions with the kind of curiosity for insights that inspires others to toss in thoughts from another angle. That is one of the hottest qualities for winning in the new era we are entering!

    What do you think?

  4. Conrad

    Ellen, you and Seth Godin are probably the most consistently insightful reads on my radar! This is a fantastic post. It is true it seems to me of our national dialog in general.

    Every time I see someone with specific, accurate insight into these needs, it brings me direction and hope.

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