Toxic or Well Workplace? A Survey

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Is your workplace brain powered, or brain drained?

Respond either yes or no to each survey question and then check scores against brainpowered answers:

1. Is boredom more a reality at your work than  passion for daily targets? Yes ___ No ___

2. Does your workplace setting inspire staff to transform problems into solutions? Yes ___ No ___

3. Would well-being describe the daily state of most workers in your organization? Yes ___ No ___

4. Does anger, fear, or frustration fuel bullying among fellow workers? Yes ___ No ___

5. Would venting be heard in your staff’s lunch room much of the time? Yes ___ No ___ 

6. Do people try new projects and learn skills on a regular basis where you work?  Yes ___ No ___

7. Does music lift moods and increase productivity where you work?  Yes ___ No ___

8. Do your managers and leaders talk more and engage or listen  less?  Yes ___ No ___

9. Does the old guard kill incentives and adhere to tired traditions? Yes ___ No ___

10. Is diversity training a poor solution for the lack of acceptance or equity?  Yes ___ No ___

11. Do fellow workers come to work rested and ready and roll daily? Yes ___ No ___

12. Does professional development increase workplace skills on regular basis? Yes ___ No ___

13. Do ruts or routines define most activity with few chances for change? Yes ___ No ___

14. Are some workers celebrated more for their intelligence than others?  Yes ___ No ___

15. Do cynical mindsets block creativity, impact talent, or stomp out innovation? Yes ___ No ___

16. Would focus be a typical characteristic when new challenges appear? Yes ___ No ___

17. Would most  consider themselves vibrant and smarter because of success? Yes ___ No ___

18. Does frequent encouragement lead to novel opportunities for growth? Yes ___ No ___

19. Are relationships tense or trust lacking as people don’t say what they mean? Yes ___ No ___

20. Do people integrate  hard and soft skills to solve problems where you work? Yes ___ No ___

21. Does stress appear often or  tone act more as silent killer than caring staff? Yes ___ No ___

22. Do workers often speak others names in thoughtful and generous ways? Yes ___ No ___

23. Do  leaders inspire creativity and invention through teaching others? Yes ___ No ___

24. Do workers and leaders look at problems with solutions in mind at work?  Yes ___ No ___

25. Are women and men’s brains valued intellectually in ways that optimize talents? Yes ___ No ___

How many of these brain related issues point to a toxic workplace? How many point to healthy situations where you work? Stay tuned over the next few days for a pool of brain based strategies that can transform toxins into tonics in your organization. Could it happen from where you stand?