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Imagine you find yourself across from a few people who just lost money on the stock market.  You’re facing a few financial hurdles yourself, so you listen hard for  clues that could offer doable ways to get past your panic. As you look around the table, you see frowns, grimaces and angry faces. Nobody offers more than rehashed reasons why the system sucks. How much financial help would you find at that table?

Panic or Profit -Brain Choose Daily

Now imagine yourself  leaving that table and joining another group that’s bantering about a few new ways they’re restructuring money matters for more profit.  One person talks about renting out a spare room, and another shares how to pay for a vacation by gathering air points. Wouldn’t you be more interested in the benefits discussed by the second group?

Who would choose to return to the first table?

This illustrates the difference between brain features such as panic pitfalls and profit possibilities at the tables. People who take action to avoid panic, will often rewire their brains and build a neural framework for profit.

To illustrate this point, which of the following brain based statements lead you closer to profits you desire today?

  1. People around us count. Because of mirror neurons in the brain, we mimic those we associate with more than most realize. Would you agree that table 1 vents about fallen markets, and that negatively impacts others opportunity to increase profit?
  2. Anger, fear and panic act as fuel. These toxic reactions increase cortisol, the chemical that shuts out brainpower for innovative answers people crave, and blocks mental courage to go after new profitability. Venting creates new neuron pathways for more venting.
  3. Ruts for panic appear often in money matters. Solutions appear less often when people store up habits for panic in their brain’s basal ganglia. In contrast the brain’s working memory holds a much smaller storage place for solutions, and is most alive when taking risks to move in a new direction.
  4. Cynicism literally blocks talent needed for innovative change. At the first table, you experience toxins that prevent innovative solutions, while the second table creates creative synapses, and adds serotonin to focus on profitable opportunities.

What table will you lead and foster today? Which ones will you avoid while you plan new neuron pathways toward profitability? It’s often a mere matter of the words you speak. Some choose to allow the markets downturn to shutdown their risks for innovative growth, for instance.

Highly successful millionaires, on the other hand, tend toward a far more brainpowered approach to profit – the kind that is far more apt to be spotted at the second table. You?

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