Bill Conaty Raises HR Image to Value Workers

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Bill Conaty raises the level of HR at Radio City Hall today, and convinces other top leaders here to do the same. Is raising credibility of HR really the answer to unleashing human capital?

What’s your take?

I’d like to propose that human capital is more dependent on identifying, developing and supporting human brainpower than on raising HR power. How so?

1. Identify human brainpower: Draw solutions from multiple intelligences in diverse people by opening up to very different approaches to leadership.

2. Develop human brainpower: Facilitate opportunities for people to use innovation strategies to solve everyday problems at work.

3. Support human brainpower: Offer verbal encouragement to people who differ and ensure voices get heard on the other side of issues.

If we raise HR power – we simply add more electricity to old or tired power systems.

Raise human brainpower though, and you open new lines into a reconfigured systems, built more on valuing brainpower than on more need for workplace power.

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