Bill George Warns not to Waste Your Crisis

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According to Bill George your moment comes in a crisis. To waste a crisis is to try and save jobs in US, for instance. That’s why Americans are not building brilliant new companies, with the innovation we possess. Do you agree?

If crisis is the real test of talent. where the spotlight is on innovative leaders, and where opportunity today exists for the many innovative solutions, why do we limit so many talented people?

Here are reality obstacles that limit Bill George’s innovative solutions from global reaches:

1. Media controls most voices that speak up front, so we miss voices that match diversified strengths.

2. Broken systems control core resources, so we lack essential supports for genuine innovative solutions.

I’d like to propose that brainpower controls successful outcomes, and to date we still lack the basic language to build, share and benefit wider communities by engaging more dynamic mental tools.

Answers in past came from mainly big names, big money, and big power in the business world. Brain powered tool as solutions in future have yet to be unleashed and supported. Do you agree?

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